Introduction to finding a chinese wife

Chinese Wife

So you dazzled at Nini´s charm in the movie The Flowers of War, found yourself strangely distracted by Qi Shu´s beauty amidst all the action in The Transporter and now you have decided that you want to find a Chinese bride or Chinese girlfriend of your own? The good news is that it has never been easier to find a Chinese wife. With the opening of China to the world, more and more Chinese people are looking to learn English or can already speak it very well. If you are in China, you will have no problem finding women that will be glad to practice their English with you, giving you a serious advantage. If you are not in China, your future Chinese wife might be already waiting for you in one of the many language exchange websites out there. Not to mention that in the last few years, the financial situation of the Chinese people has improved substantially, making it possible for many Chinese travelers to go abroad and be in closer contact with the western world.

Although finding a Chinese wife sounds like an attractive and exotic idea now, you should be aware that sharing your lifewith someone from a distinct culture can be a long and windy road. The positive aspect of it, though, is that with a little help these difficulties can be overcome. The truth is that Chinese women make great wives and many western men have already fallen for their charms.
Asian women, in general, have always been the cause of much curiosity among western men, but this aura of mystery seems to be particularly dense around the Chinese girl.

The key to finding and leading a happy life with your Asian bride is understanding her mindset and rich cultural background. Your future Chinese wife will have very simple needs and expectations, but the way she will go about expressing themmight be beyond your comprehension. Learning how to interpret the signs that she will give out is your best bet at success. If you are completely new to the Chinese world and Chinese culture, there is one very important thing to keep in mind: Chinese people are NOT all the same!

If you are an expat living in China, you may already have noticed this; however most western people still remain ignorant to this fact. How and why Chinese people differ from one another will be the topic of a future discussion. For now, keep in mind that the way your future Chinese wife thinks, will almost always be intrinsically connected with her region of origin.

One of the most attractive things about the Chinese woman is her innocent and sometimes fragile look. While most western girls will rely on their physical features to attract men, Chinese women will almost always break you down with a glance. They tend to be much more reserved and will call out to you in some very discrete ways, which will almost always begin with a quick shy glance.

Many foreigners, who have been to China, will agree that meeting Chinese women is a rather easy task. These days, a lot of Asian women are on the lookout for foreign men, which brings us to a very important factor. Before going out there to look for your Chinese wife, be sure toevaluate your own character first. While language and culture will almost always change from country to country, character will not. Making sure that your Chinese wife has been brought up with the same principles as you will eventually be the foundation of your relationship.

In the coming articles we will take a closer look at the Chinese mindset and discuss some potential pitfalls that you should be aware of. As our discussion continues, we will take a quick glimpse at Chinese society and find out what are some of the most common expectations, which you will have to deal with. Finally, in order to make your Chinese wife happy, you will have to get along with her family. Dealing with Chinese parents is a whole other ball game, which we will break down further along the way. For now, good luck with your search.