Time to Know What Real Passion Is – Chinese Wedding Advice

Chinese weddings include numerous animal symbols, including golden pig necklaces for the bride and groom. Gold necklaces and pig-shaped earrings are also popular, as they are said to bring good luck and happiness. Some weddings include a traditional bride procession, which usually includes drums and a group of children to symbolize fertility and happiness.

Many women have rocked the cheongsam in their Chinese weddings, and it’s hard to resist the allure of this sexy dress, which hugs every curve. I ended up wearing two in my own Chinese wedding ceremony (which I’ve shown in the photos I included with this post). There’s are no traditional rules for this, as it’s an issue of modern times.

What Should I Give As A Gift?

This is further the day when she gets to be introduced to the groom’s relatives. Of course, there will be a time when the wedding event is over, but it’s just not yet over, you know.

We often kneel when serving our parents the tea, and they will also serve the in-laws the tea while they are kneeling. So you will have to serve the tea to the older adults of the family. With the family’s blessings, then you are free to go on and marry. Well, this came about as a result of the belief that the daughter is such a valuable member of the family, and they don’t want to marry her off.

Time to Know What Real Passion Is – Chinese Wedding Advice

  • A ceremonial table is set, to be covered with a red satin cloth with gifts placed on top.
  • My husband has dementia and I am very concerned he will not take part in during the Tea service at our daughters wedding without causing an upset .
  • Make sure parents don’t have to move or stand up to receive the gaiwan.
  • While you may attend both, most likely you’ll not be served tea during the Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony, because it’s mainly for relatives.
  • I still have a “just say no” policy when it comes to Chinese wedding invitations.
  • Usually they’re sold in 50 pieces and above per pack, so most of them will remain unused.
  • During the ceremony, the new couple exchange wedding rings a Western tradition, and drink some wine or champagne while crossing their arms, a traditional custom.
  • Here, Linna’s cousin and aunt hold fruit offerings during the groom’s parade.

However, in other areas, Shanghai has preserved the traditional flavor in everything from tea houses to residential buildings. The city streets team with a mixture of bicycles and automobiles from all over the world. As Shanghai and other cities in China have blended old and new, modern Chinese wedding ceremonies are composed of a beautiful combination of traditional customs and western style. The roots of the ceremony stem from China’s 5000-year history which includes more than 2000 years of feudal society. Traditionally, on the wedding day, the bride wore a red dress and covered her face with a red veil.

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The Chinese custom of money giving is meant to help the couple pay for the wedding. If you agree with the concept and want to be totally culturally appropriate, put the money or gift card in a red envelope. Wearing a red dress is a definite no-no… the bride can wear red. Wearing a red dress is drawing attention to yourself, and everyone will criticise you silently for “trying ” to steal the brides day. The mothers of both parties can wear red…but guest is a no no. A traditional Chinese wedding is a long and complicated undertaking with many rituals and customs to abide by and rules to follow for the bride, groom, their families, and guests. Getting married in China and celebrating your wedding in the country can be an exciting and memorable event.

  • Notice that the tea ceremony is a ceremony where you can take the time to thank both sides of the family.
  • Of all Chinese wedding traditions, this one is the most fun.
  • The parents or elders would then graciously accept the tea to show how they have welcomed their new son or daughter-in-law, and reward them with ang baos as a blessing for good fortune.
  • She will receive a small gift from older relatives as she is formally introduced to the groom’s family and they will proceed to give the bride a formal title within their family.
  • Thus, it is still a major barrier to achieving gender equality and women’s sexual autonomy in marriage.

Time to Know What Real Passion Is – Chinese Wedding Advice

Still, black, purple, and white are widely considered taboo, although black tuxedos do make for a notable exception nowadays. The Quipao dress is a beautiful red traditional wedding dress worn by brides in Hong Kong. Symbolising good luck, happiness and prosperity they feature the most incredible detail you will ever see in a wedding dress. Family members and friends all help the bride get into the dress, a symbol of giving support for the future. In terms of positioning, the groom is always on the right and the bride is on the left. Female relatives should be seated across from the groom and male relatives should be seated across from the bride. During this, the couple has the option to kneel or stand and bow during the tea ceremony.

Showered With Love

At the same time Fei agreed to help his friend by teaching a class on Business in China. When we met it was not in Canada, it was not in Ireland, nor was it in Fei’s hometown Qingdao (青岛). We met in a small suburb outside the city, in an old classroom on the 6th floor. Our hometowns share an ocean, but are on different continents.

If you’re not experienced with the steps, you can follow the below tea ceremony script. Since the early 1900s, Chinese weddings have modernized and partly following western practice. However, the tradition of tea ceremonies in Chinese weddings has remained, and is still highly treasured today.

Who Should Be In Attendance At The Tea Ceremony?

Time to Know What Real Passion Is – Chinese Wedding Advice

Traditionally, they offer their blessings of the nuptials and stand as witnesses to the marriage covenant. They are also expected to pledge their own vows to God and the couple during the ceremony to serve as role models, confidants, and protectors of the union. This should leave you with the date specially designed for your wedding and give you the best chance of a wonderful fulfilling marriage. There is a lot to consider when planning your wedding and Chinese tradition suggests that for a marriage to be a successful one it needs to be set on an auspicious date. An auspicious wedding date refers to a favorable date that ensures the marriage is happy and long-lasting.

At last, in a small amount of cases, a child assists with holding the tray. In the past, it might not be ok in certain regions of China. To be on the save side, you could wear some accessories that are colourful such as jewellery or purse. Parents, grandparents and some closely related relatives sometimes also present jewellery as a gift. It’s good to know that, the couple should wear the jewellery immediately as a sign of appreciation. Of course, not all young people are happy for their parents to be doing this, and so it is often done secretly without telling the children. Despite the rising popularity of these markets with the parents, they actually have a fairly low success rate.