Chinese Girls’ attitude towards marriage

For foreign boys who are looking for a long term relationship with a Chinese girl, it is worth thinking about what expectations Chinese girls have about getting married. This article will deal with the factors of age and wealth.

There is a stereotype saying that Chinese women have a fever for marriage and that they may want to get married during the first several months they date. There is some truth in this, especially for those who are close to or above 30 years old. Usually people get married at around 25, a common age for both men and women. However, more and more Chinese people are attending colleges and universities, and this often delays marriage greatly. Furthermore, more and more college students are trying to get master degrees, so many students often graduate when they are about 27. With this happening more often, the phenomenon of “leftover ladies”, women who are single at almost or older than 30, has become more prevalent.

In addition to the “leftover ladies” phenomenon, Chinese women and girls are probably already more likely to get married earlier when compared with western girls and women. Because of all this, if you find yourself dating a Chinese woman, it is important to be clear about what both of you expect from the relationship at each stage. Do not be too surprised if she wants to move faster than you would normally expect once she gets comfortable with you.









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It is important to realize, however, that everyone is different, and the desire to marry quickly is not universal. The younger a girl is, for example, the longer she may date before thinking of getting married. If she starts dating when she is 19 or 20, it is quite possible for her to date for several years, whereas a woman who begins dating someone at the age of around 25, may want to get married in one or two years.

Apart from age, money is another important factor girls’ parents will take into consideration. No parents will expect their son-in-law to be a millionaire, but nearly all parents prefer a son-in-law who has a house—they want their daughter to have a place to live in. Do not be too worried about this. To begin with, if you are trying to get married and want to live in a foreign country, many parents may be more flexible than they would normally be on this issue. For those who are planning on living in China, they should be aware that having a house will probably be one of the parental expectations, but that it is also very common for a man and woman to buy a house together, meaning they both provide some money instead of completely depending on the man. If she is from a wealthy family, it would not be surprising if the girl’s parents offer to buy a house.

In general, men who are looking to date or marry Chinese women should have some idea of what a long term relationship may require, and how that relationship could develop.