Are Chinese Girls Easy?

One question that gets asked the most is: are Chinese girls easy? Most people will not ask that directly, but they will rephrase it by asking how Chinese girls are, if Chinese girls like foreigners or if they will be able to find a Chinese girlfriend easily. There is no easy way to go around this question, so the best way to proceed is just to expose how it really is.

So… are Chinese girls easy? The answer is yes. They are easy, but it will depend very much on the type of foreigner you are. The truth is that if you are black, Indian or any other type of dark skin race, then you are in disadvantage. One of the main reasons why this is so, is that in China the darker your skin is the lower the class you are. At least this seems to be the common conception, since only field workers and farmers would have their skin tanned by the sun. In China, it is considered beautiful to have fair skin and most girls will avoid walking unprotected under the sun.

If you are a lighter skin foreigner or especially if you are white, then you will definitely find it very easy to find a Chinese girlfriend. Unfortunately the main reasons why almost always have to do with money or getting a passport. China is a very special place, but unfortunately being on a Chinese passport doesn´t really allow you to go anywhere without having to go through the hassle of acquiring visas and special permissions. Having a western passport opens up a whole lot of new travel possibilities. Another reason why it is easier for white men to find Chinese girlfriends is the fact that white people have an appearance which greatly differs from the Chinese appearance. Many Chinese girls dream of having larger eyes and taller noses, which are very prominent characteristics of white people. Just like Asians are considered exotic in western countries, white people are considered very much exotic in China. Curiosity plays a large role in a Chinese girl´s interest in a foreign man. Chinese women are used to seeing men with black hair and black eyes all day long, so when someone with blond hair and light colored eyes suddenlycomes along, then they will definitely attract a lot of attention.

It is very easy to get into a relationship with a Chinese girl, but maintaining the relationship will probably be the largest patience test you will ever take. Chinese girls are incredibly jealous and clingy. Even if you are not doing anything out of the ordinary, they might still inquire you about your whereabouts; go through your messages and what not.

If you are an honest guy, looking for a serious stable relationship with a Chinese girl, then you are in luck, because chances are that is exactly what they want as well. Most Chinese women will already start talking about marriage within the first months of relationship and since in China getting married young is the proper thing to do; it is even easier for older men to find younger women willing to marry them. Many Chinese girls are attracted to older men, since they directly associate age with experience and financial stability.

Although being in a relationship with a Chinese girl requires some patience and understanding, they will always reattribute by caring for you, preparing you some of the most amazing dishes you will ever taste and making sacrifices in pro of your relationship. In general, Chinese women, like any other women, are a great mystery that all men will always study, but never quite fully understand.