Zhejiang is known as birthplace of the most beautiful woman in Chinese history – Xi Shi. It is also known for Yangzhou town which is considered to have the most beautiful women in China. This province is also one of two richest provinces in the country and the most disobedient one when it comes to politics and economy – they like to do things their way.

Zhejiang women are like most Southern Chinese women – very open-minded and independent. Unlike, most of women in the north, they do not expect their guy to have a house and a car before they turn 22. In fact, most of them will try to open their own business and buy their own house before they are 22. Hence, as a foreigner you will not have any problems finding a girlfriend here. In fact, being a foreigner might be your crucial advantage with local competition – something fresh and exotic. But while being a foreigner with her will be a huge plus, with her parents will be a huge minus.

Zhejiang people tend to keep their family affairs in their hometown. Their daughter needs to marry a local guy, otherwise she will not marry. Just a short example to demonstrate how big of an issue this is. My friend from Wenzhou fell in love with a guy from Jinhua, which is three hour ride from her town. She had to starve herself to prove her parents that she means business. Only after she ended up in hospital, have parents given in, but on certain terms – they were not allowed to get married for next three years. So, you better prepare some roses and chocolates for her parents too.