Tibet is a holy place bathed by the most brilliant sun of the Himalayas. Between the mountains and grassland, there is no sweeter sound than the singing of the Tibetan girl. Their voices are spiritedly reverberating and intangible, and the singing notes hover in the air like a bird. The singing Tibetan girls are pure and virginal with a smile on the corners of their mouths.  They love life and the Yarlung Zangbo River Valley faithfully and reverently.

The closed economy and environment are caused by geographical reasons, which make the local people live in a lifestyle combining farming and animal husbandry. This vibrant environment nourishes the Tibetan girl’s uninhibited character.

They are friendly and hospitable, kind and sincere, strong and homesick. The Tibetan girls are obedient and humbly dressed up. If you ever conquer one and save her from hardship, she will follow your heart and soul eternally.  Despite this, Tibetan girls tend to be less sensitive in terms of love. They don’t believe in love at first sight, but rather view it as a process that evolves over time.

They prefer to pursue happiness, family life and raise children rather than follow the scent of money. Their heart is true and their mind and bodies are as soft and clean as a white silk. After making eye contact with them for the first time, you might feel as if you have been taken back to a primitive period.

They are integrated into the out-breath of devout faith. If you want to pursue a Tibetan girl, you must change your aesthetic direction. Close your eyes, open the window of the soul and feel the mystery. Romance is not the best weapon here. Understanding their devotion is the key to win them. Once a Tibetan girl falls in love with you, have conquered a partner for life.