Xinjiang is a place worth to be challenged. The topography of three mountains and two basins make Xinjiang filled with all sorts of marvelous colors:  A variety of endless prairie, the winding green Kanas river; the sacred and snowy Bogda Mountain; the vigorous red Kuqa Grand Canyon; Yadan landform being like a golden castle and the Sailimu Lake, clear and blue. This is the heaven for photography enthusiasts, tourists. Welcome to the home of the beautiful and easy Xinjiang girl.

Xinjiang women come from a variety of backgrounds: Ha, Hui, Mongolian, Uygur and Han. They have the same characteristics, liking the slow pace of life, and they pay more attention to the enjoyment of life and less attention to fashion. A petty bourgeoisie is enough to make them feel happy. Xinjiang tourism is currently being developed, but the economic development is relatively slow. This makes the women of this region pay less attention to money and concentrate more on the simple aspects of life

Xinjiang girls are delicate women being enthusiastic, outgoing and reluctant to be away from their homes.  Xinjiang women can be broken down into two different groups: the minorities and the Han. Minority girls are mysterious and allow you only a glimpse of their energetic eyes under their veil. Their most unforgettable characteristic is their fascinating eyelashes. They are good at singing and dancing. They are simple and virginal, believing in Islam and remain faithful to the Koran. Reaching a minority girl might prove almost impossible due to their faith.

The Han Chinese girls of Xinjiang are beautiful and lovely. most of them have migrated to Xinjiang from other parts of China due to various reasons. The best way of conquering them is to conquer their stomach. Grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe and mutton strings are essential to them.

The roots of Han nationality girls scattered is in mainland of china, so after marriage they are reluctant to be away from their home and the divorce rate is very low. They like westerners, who act handsome and cool. The western male tourists there, who ride around on their high-end bicycles and goggles are quite popular. Getting to these girls is only a matter of showing a little kindness and interest.