In the last two articles, I have discussed that cultural background can affect one’s personality and behaviour, and has made western men attractive to Chinese girls. Being with a partner who has completely different background with you can be interesting and inspiring. When you were growing up in different countries, with a different culture, you will have a lot of thoughts to share with your partner. Those things may be quite usual in your eyes, but they could be a novelty to your partner!

I was born in Hong Kong, a busy Asian city, and have lived in there for over 20 years. Since I lived with my British boyfriend in England, life has been very different for me. He lives in the countryside in which, of course, everything is novel for me. For westerners who are not living in a big city, they might think that country or village life is nothing exciting, while they can do lots of things and meet more people in a city. But for Asian city girls, western life is so free and relaxing. In free time, me and my boyfriend will have a walk in the fields or along the river. We can quite often see animals like ducks, geese, swans, rabbits, squirrels and various species of bird. I think it is sweet that my boyfriend could show me the lovely places and tell me the species of animal and plant. Also it is very common to see people having a walk with their dogs. Even the dogs are enjoying a relaxing life here.

For me, life in Asian city is not like that. Life in Asian cities is stressful and fast-paced, and the working hours are much longer than in western countries. I could only see a few kinds of animal, such as sparrows and pigeons, in my hometown. We don’t have fields and rivers nearby to walk around. People who have dogs don’t really have time to go for a walk everyday, and usually just go to a park, which often has very little grass anyway. If I didn’t meet my boyfriend, I wouldn’t have experienced this completely different lifestyle.

Other than living style, we can talk a lot about our past, thoughts and hobbies. We share our stories with each other, such as things that happened at school and things that we did during holidays and festivals. We also discuss music that we listen to and share it so that we can try something new.

Things are usually interesting and inspiring due to us having very different cultural backgrounds. As I discussed in previous articles, western parents tend to let their children enjoy more freedom than Asian parents do. While western kids grow up in an open-minded atmosphere and can choose their hobbies, Asian kids need to focus on their studies most of the time. I was amazed by the freedom that western kids have when I listened to his stories. In my country, quite a lot of students choose to study something that they don’t like just to please their parents and in order to earn more money in the future. In western countries, areas of study are broader and people don’t mind progressing along more unusual career paths. It is very inspirational for me and I have learnt so much in western culture from our sharing.

So, don’t feel shy and think that you have nothing to share with a Chinese girl. Your living style, stories and thoughts may not be interesting to you, but they could be new and exciting for her!

  • Ling

    I ever lived in Hong Kong for 3 years. It is absolutely right that people live tight and narrow there whilst work fast and stressfully. However, the urban greening works perfect there, for I usual saw people walking and jogging along the park trails or riverbank.