It is not surprising to hear some of the Chinese girls discussing how much they fancy western men and dream that they could have a western boyfriend or husband. Through western media such as films, TV dramas and music, and meeting western men from travelling, work or school, some Chinese girls find western men more attractive than Chinese men. Girls from cities, an environment with more westerners, have more chances to meet western men. For instance, foreign students who come to Chinese universities or colleges to study always attract lots of attention.

The aspect that everyone considers is the physical side. The facial features of western men are of course exotic to Chinese girls. Their brown, blue or green eyes, straight noses, thinner lips, broad or cleft chins and various types of hair colour, can be extremely charming in Chinese girls’ eyes. For body shape, western men are generally more masculine than Chinese men. They are generally taller, stronger and have thicker bones. The ideal boyfriend or husband for Chinese girls may not need to be muscular, but a masculine appearance is preferable. It fascinates the girls and can give them a sense of security. So is this why Chinese girls consider western men are more their cup of tea? Isn’t it unfair to Chinese men?

Simply an attractive appearance is surely not enough to decide one’s Mr. Right/Miss. Right. The major factors are not on the physical side, but on the cultural side. Western men are quite often to be described as friendly and as gentlemen. In western countries, it is common to see people being kind, to ask someone if he/she needs any help, to greet someone even they don’t know each other, and hold the door if someone is behind. These are really common things for them, but maybe not for Asians due to cultural differences. Every little thing that shows one’s kindness and helpfulness is certainly appreciated by others. Being a gentleman can score highly for a Chinese girl.

As a Chinese girl who has a British boyfriend, I found that it is less embarrassing to talk in English than in Chinese. I feel less shy to say sweet things and express my love. This makes our relationship sweeter. Chinese people might agree with me that saying ‘I love you’ and ‘Sorry’ in English or other languages is easier than in our mother tongue. It is possibly because some phrases in one’s native language sound more serious which makes them said less frequently. Also, in western countries, people are more willing to express their love and share their thoughts to others straightforwardly, while Asians feel shy and less likely to express themselves in front of others. When Asians meet westerners, they might feel easier and less embarrassed to talk to them. It is interesting that communicating in other languages to westerners could bring Chinese girls courage to express their love and their thoughts. The straightforward and open hearted personalities of western men could also bring more sweetness to a relationship.

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  • Tuk

    i am thai girl, and think that WESTERN MEN are all UGLY, have a monster look rather than exotic one. i have found that CHINA is a LAND OF SEXY CHINESE MEN after visiting china twice.

    • Michael Vogana

      are you sure chinese man all sexy ? where have you been in china ?

    • HardcoreChemtard

      You need not worry – American men would have no interest in you with your foul and ugly attitude. You actually sound like some kind of weird racist. Clearly you hate white people. I went to China to find my wife and I did. We have been married 9 years. I am English, Irish, and 1/3 Cherokee Native American. I don’t have very white skin. I get very tan, which is appreciated in America. I have black hair, brown eyes, light skin in winter and dark in summer. I also have a Master’s degree in engineering, and I’m nearly done with a Ph.D. in engineering. My IQ is about 150. American women love my skin color and my intelligence. So what you think really doesn’t hurt my feelings or cause me one bit of concern. To date you? Thanks but no thanks. I don’t care if you looked like a goddess, which I sincerely doubt. Beauty is skin deep but a shitty personality is ugly all the way to the bone. My Chinese wife said the men there have several girlfriends at any time, they stay drunk and don’t come home for days at a time, and have sex outside of their marriage if the wife doesn’t pop out a baby boy. That seemed to be exactly dead-on from my several months experience in China. Have a nice life ma’am.

      • Giwreh

        When you go and have a look on her (Tuk) profile, you will see 4 posts of her, all 4 extreme racist, and one reveiling in a long passage, that she just as well does hate the “dark majority” of her own country, as he belongs to the “white minority”… She is saying literally : “not the same race”. Admitting her only point is blunt diehard racism (even within her own country…) The long posting there, reminds me of Europe’s own terrible nazi-racist past with the terrifying shouting sermons. You could almost feel she is saying “kill them”…

        It reminds me of a different passage of history : the 1975 red Khmer hell … Cambodja is in the same larger region as Thailand, and probably plays on the same inter racial hate (bejond our understandings) as in Thailand ?? I STILL wonder if the communist propaganda story around the red Khmer has been nothing more then politically disguised ultra-racism…. Anyway, they enslaved and killed without limits…. SWEET ASIAN HISTORY … Incredible….

  • HardcoreChemtard

    A crude bitch I must agree. She’s so sexy and beautiful she won’t show her face. I found Thai girls to be sneaky little money hungry bitches. They’ll lie to you and cheat on you. I dated one for a little while. She was a pretender. A real douche. My fiend married one, and although she was a sweet girl – she had a good personality- she phucked him over. Cheated on him on an visit back to Thailand. He met another girl – American white girl. He went to the beach and got sucked under the ocean in a rip tide and drowned. His ex-wife who seemed to still love him came to his funeral and out of hundreds of people there not one person would speak to her. I was the only one who would and I explained to her why. She asked so I told her. All the relatives and friends blamed her because had she not cheated on him he’d still be alive. I guess I was the only one with any pity for her.