Tianjin has the fourth largest urban population in China. Because of its location by the Yellow sea, it also serves as a major seaport in northern China. In recent years, Tianjin as an industrial city has seen a major increase in foreign investment, and as a result, the Tianjinese women are also developing an increasingly open outlook. However, for the most part, the Tianjinese women are still very much bound by their immediate relations as well as their unique local culture and dialect which they hold dear.

Most statements regarding the northern Chinese women are also true when it comes to Tianjinese women. For example, when compared to the southern women, they are on average taller, have lighter skin tones, and are more down to earth and less calculating. Unlike young women from relatively more westernized cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong, young Tianjinese women are usually not as money-oriented when it comes to selecting a husband. Instead, they rely more on their “gut feelings” and their perceived “compatibility” with their boyfriends. While there are exceptions, most of the young Tianjinese women do not attempt to develop a “personal taste”, which means that the majority sets the local fashion. So it is actually quite common if a girl in Tianjin buys the same kind of clothes or dyes the same kind of hair as her friends do.

Despite coming from a metropolis, many Tianjin girls are very traditional when it comes to the role of women in a household. They will cook and do housework for their families, and they want the best for their children. However, life is not all dull for Tianjinese women: being famous nationwide for its stand-up comedy tradition, Tianjin is also famous for the humor of its people. Being able to make a Tianjinese girl laugh frequently and whole-heartedly is always a good indication that you are on your way to capture her heart.