Taiwanese girls, more often than not, seem to generally get “bad press”.

That is, most of what is written or reported about them on blogs, websites or other social media frequented by males—and not only foreigners from the West but also by other Asian expats—seems to err on the negative. But are Taiwanese girls really that bad?

One of my friends described the Taiwanese girls that he had met whilst living in Taipei as a cross between Hong Kong girls and Mainland Chinese girls, having characteristics of both of these other types of women. Mind you, perhaps that is not so surprising as, believe it or not, Taiwanese girls are ethnic Chinese girls too!

Another indisputable fact, of course if that Taiwanese girls are females—and probably, in reality, not that much different in behaviour or traits to other women in the US, Germany, UK or whichever country you wish to name.

What makes a Taiwanese girl what she is

Naturally, there are all sort of opinions around as to why Taiwanese girls behave as they do.taiwanese girlfriend

Perhaps it’s something to do with the quite unique culture of Taiwanese girls and their fairly rigid upbringing, plus the particular circumstances of Taiwan as a nation.

For those who don’t know, Taiwan is large island which sits off the coast of Mainland China and, although a relatively small nation, is very influential in the region. For many years relations with the Mainland, for historical reasons, were not good. In fact, it was only some 10-15 years ago that it was possible to travel directly to China and Taiwanese girls or males looking to visit the maternal homeland had to go via Hong Kong.

Many Taiwanese girls grew up in this period when China was far from the number two economy in the world and restrictions and limitations were common on social or other activities in China. This, in turn, spilled over to Taiwan and it wasn’t the late 1990s that relations finally thawed and an economic boom arrived on the Island.

Taiwan gradually liberalised and the newly acquired freedom of expression laid ground for many Taiwanese girls to become active in the fields of music, arts, fashion and beauty. The next century into the 2000s continued with this transformation and, together with the Island’s democratisation, meant that Taiwanese girls became more visually socially, more independent and more demanding of relationships, yet still constrained by traditional family, societal and Confucian values.

All in all, given this backdrop and mix, Taiwanese girls can, perhaps, be described as a “blend” of the women of several Asian countries.

Still, Taiwanese girls have quite a reputation

Many Taiwanese girls seem to have garnered a reputation for being hard to please. Yet, just as when talking about any particular demographic within Asia, or elsewhere for that matter, given that there are several million women in Taiwan it’s hard not to overly generalise about Taiwanese girls.

Still, depending on which article or blog post you are reading and, to be fair from whose viewpoint the piece is being written from, a number of key character traits reoccur when men are talking about Taiwanese girls; these include:

  • they can be highly materialistic, loving a man only for his money and in exchange for expensive gifts and lavish allowances
  • many of the younger generation of Taiwanese girls are self-centred, selfish and insecure
  • others are obsessively shy in public and in intimate situations
  • most Taiwanese girls are only concerned about buying clothes and accessories or looking good and don’t care how they get the money to do so
  • for some Taiwanese girls, having a foreign boyfriend can almost become status symbol, especially if he is perceived to be good looking… and rich, or relatively so!
  • many such girls are slavish followers of soap operas, low grade TV talk shows and fashions and trends from Korea and Japan
  • and, finally, most Taiwanese girls are almost insanely jealous or behave particularly badly if/when a man breaks up with them

Phew, quite a list! There are more… but these are some of the often stated thoughts on Taiwanese girls—all from men I hasten to add!

The flip side to the oft expressed views on Taiwanese girls

However, there are clearly two sides to every argument and many a foreigner has had far better things to say about Taiwanese girls—after all, if the girls were all bad all of the time, there would be no mixed race long term dating or marriages between—and there are plenty of them, believe me!

In fact, I know of a number of foreign men who live in Taipei who believe that dating Taiwanese girls is well worthwhile and more rewarding than dating other East Asian girls.

Taiwanese girls

Some positive points about dating Taiwanese girls which I’ve heard and seem to reoccur include:

  • many Taiwanese girls speak good English, especially in Taipei and other major centres of commerce
  • the family of Taiwanese girls are generally more open minded when it comes to their daughter dating a foreigner, something which is sometimes more prohibitive on the Mainland or in Korea, for example
  • Taiwanese girls are generally very friendly towards foreigners and are comfortable taking the lead in certain social situations, having been exposed to people and customs from other countries such as the UK or Australia
  • most Taiwanese girls have a good education level having been through University and it’s possible to have meaningful conversations about a variety of topics, perhaps more so than with Mainland or even Hong Kong girls
  • generally with Taiwanese girls there is less of a cultural transition to make than if you were dating someone from, say, Japan or China
  • given their character traits of drive and determination, many Taiwanese girls are able to obtain and hold on to good careers and even become good business partners as well as lovers or wives

So, there we have it: two sides to the same subject, two distinct views of Taiwanese girls! One set of views quite negative, the other positive…

Naughty or nice: Taiwanese girls’ double image

In view of the above, just how does one begin to reconcile the two starkly contrasting images of Taiwanese girls?
Taiwanese girls
Clearly, no two Taiwanese girls are the same; no two women will be exact copies of each other.

In fact, it’s the modern way where people like to paint caricatures of others: from the sexy, slinky, fashion, TV drama queen to the demure feminine or traditional Asian woman; from the self-centred, relatively immature, materialistic 20-something Taiwanese girl to the smart sophisticated, well educated, capable Taiwanese woman.

It goes without saying that everyone has two or more sides to their character and Taiwanese girls are no different; the public face and the private face can be totally different. So the only way to find out is to try first hand—get to know a few Taiwanese girls at work or at play and find out which one of the often portrayed female is true.

Of course, when Taiwanese girls do get bad press there may well be some foundation to it, but, there again, many foreign men get bad press in dating circles too—and not all of them are bad…, right?

  • bbarnavi

    Not only is Taiwan not China, Taiwanese ladies aren’t Chinese girls, either! For one, ours have curves, in no small part due to interbreeding with Austronesian aboriginals. TW also has its share of MILFs, while the same cannot be said of Chinese women who seem to “expire” when they reach 35.

    Lemme give a shout-out to all my TW sistas here. Much of what is said in the article, I feel, is quite unfair. Yes, TW ladies are known to be quite high-maintenance, but certainly no more than in other urbanized populations. However, what I feel distinguishes TW women from ones from, say, Shanghai, is that they’re classy without being arrogant. Taiwanese people have a reputation all around the world for being friendly and considerate, and our young ladies are no exception. But they can be picky, for sure, especially in Taipei. Can’t blame them, since our dudes tend to be on the wussy and unremarkable side.

    I think the fairest characterization in this article is the dual image of Taiwanese women, but I think the naughty-nice synthesis works out well here. Nice on the street and naughty in bed. Thanks to the effect of pop culture and international cultural exchange, there’s a running course of latent sexuality running through the Tai-mei… but because of traditional upbringing, national culture, and just dignity in general, they don’t overtly express it in public. You’ll have to unlock it in more charged settings like the club/party scene. In other words, the Madonna-whore binary need not apply here.

    • Rooney Lee

      as if china doesnt have interbreeding with Austronesian aboriginals of their own

      • Timothy Edwards

        The thing is Taiwan were originally occupied by all Austonesian aboringinals, it wasn’t after 1600s that Chinese people came there to stay. There’s rarely Austonesian in mainland China.

        • HUSH

          yes that’s 1600s, if the Chinese people went there by 600s and stayed there, would that make you think it as part of China?
          Besides, TW was lended to other countries during WW2, if that’s not part of China, how can it be “lent out”?
          Besides again, China has 56 ethnic groups within the country, what makes you think the austonesians should be any more special than the rest?

    • Erodz

      You’re an idiot! TW girls are very materialistic and are pressured heavily by western standards otherwise they fall short in the social pecking order. This promotes such behaviors to the point some just see I western guy and they open their legs. Trust me, I know having worked in Taipei for about 7 years. Surely Chinese women don’t expire and perhaps hold up even better because they are not subject to all these social pressures. You get the type of fish depending on where you cast your line. It’s best to hook up with a northern China woman who has all the best attributes and is not subject to immoral behavior that will not stand the test of time.

      • 80sGuy

        I heard (and have seen) that women from China and throughout the northern part are total knockouts. Very beautiful. Take Harbin for example; the women there are just too pretty. There’s is absolutely nothing appealing about Taiwanese girls or women, I don’t care how young or how old. I don’t want to be harsh but they are ugly both outside and inside, with the latter taking the toll.

    • Walao

      I love how you wrote a nasal-gazing rant about how Taiwanese girls aren’t arrogant and rather special then proceed to put down Chinese women and your own men. And there’s so much wrong with your argument about how Taiwanese girls aren’t ethnic Chinese, I’m not sure where to start.

      Small scale conflicts certainly broke out with aboriginals when Koxinga lead Ming loyalists to Taiwan in the 1600s. Would that lead straight to mass interbreeding? The Japanese also launch several expeditions to massacre quite a few tribes because they were fiercely independent. Not to mention the migration of the Nationalists when they fled China when they lost the Civil War. Today, the aboriginals of Taiwan are in the same spot as the Native Americans and the Maori. A minority in their own land.

  • asgasgasgasgsaga

    Dated a Taiwanese girl. Bad bad idea. Everything up there is correct. The sex was okay from a fitting standpoint but she was a dead fish. Not very intimate, terrible kisser, and kind of boring. Yes they are career driven but confused to death about the outside world.

  • Daryl Flamm

    This is kind of funny. As I always take these articles with a grain of salt. I can say my TW GF doesn’t really fit any of the points above. Other then she has a good degree and good career. She is the only female out of all my foreign friends that doesn’t want to move to the US. She is shy around receiving gifts, so she’s not some gold digger. She doesn’t shop until she drops. Watches a few of the cheesy TV shows, but who doesn’t??? I’ve met more Mainland Chinese, HK’ers, and even Singaporean girls that fit the bad list. The only Asian females I know that are sweeter than my GF are my Thai female friends.

    • Andy Crosby

      Thai girls and men for that matter are the worst in the world. Thais love you till the money has gone then stab you in the back. I speak fluent Thai they are the most racial and social snobs on the planet.
      Don’t marry a Thai what ever you do 99% of marriages last 3 to 5 years while they extract as much of your wealth as they can.

      • soiboy

        dude, really? this is about Taiwan girls not Thai girls, wow, makes me doubt that you ‘speak fluent Thai’ if you can’t even get English straight! As for Thai people, I lived there for 5 years, married a wonderful Thai woman (20+ years marriage) and have lots of great Thai friends and family and visit often. Either you only knew Thai people from hanging out in Patpong or you really just don’t know any Thai people at all. I also know lots of people who married good Thai women and have never had any marital problems, and never the money grubbing thing. You have no clue.

      • soiboy

        Ah, I see your a brit, probably that typical punter who lived in brothels and couldn’t figure out why dating prostitutes didn’t work out. Seen plenty of brits like that when I lived in Thailand.

  • Jamie

    My Taiwanese girl is a lot different she behaves normally I have been with her for over a year and everything is still sunshine we have had periods of pure stress and frustration but she hasn’t broke up nor cheated on me so definitely not all Taiwanese girls are the same I think some foreigners are too dumb to realize that a Taiwanese girl can make a perfect wife. I still see many many years to come with my girl and I have to say that a good Taiwanese girl is definitely better than for example a white or black girl. + I think a Taiwanese is more loyal and less likely to cheat because when she’s smart and well educated that means she is mature and willing to stay with one guy instead of a couple guys ay once. Although I want to mention that not all black and white girls are cheaters and immature because from all races we have good and bad people as well for Taiwanese people. I have been there and seen how life is and yeah Taiwan definitely is where I want to settle down and die eventually.

  • Merzbutane

    My Taiwanese girlfriend regularly surprises me by waking me up with a blow job.

    She comes to all of the things I am interested in doing, but doesn’t get mad if I don’t go to her events.

    She comes to work and brings me lunch and dinner without me even asking.

    She never disturbs me when I am working and gives me all the time I need to myself.

    She does everything I say, even dressing me once because I couldn’t move properly from an injury.

    She tells me the truth about everything and volunteered her email and social network login details.

    She never judges me or tells me what to do or what to think. She always makes sure she dresses well and stays fit.

    She is the best. I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t possibly love a Taiwanese girl straight away.

    • Michael Vogana

      wah wah congratulate..

    • Chris Purcell

      If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    • Ben Fischer

      I agree with you. I am divorced from a selfish British woman that grew up here in the USA. She was self-centered, selfish, cold as ice and never affectionate or expressive.
      I fell in love with my neighbor, a Taiwanese woman originally from Chaiyi.
      She rocked my world and changed everything I thought I knew about love and sex and women.
      At first she was cautious and wary of me (my chest hair, our different languages and cultures). But over a few months my expressiveness, intense and almost automatic attraction to her and my persistent and consistent strong feeling for her helped her let down her guard. We have been together 8 years. We have Learned so much from each other’s cultures that have helped us both improve and become better people.
      I never thought that a strong intense physical and emotional attraction could last as long as it has and even grows.
      I too have found myself waking up to blowjobs many times as well as sex where she preps me in my sleep and I wake up with her on top.
      We both have changed each other tremendously in regards to sex….it still feels shocking to me that I can be this excited and attracted and into a woman for so long.
      There are some downsides:
      Her parents came here and live with us in USA. So they can judge my behavior unfairly because of things that are normal for westerners but not acceptable for Taiwanese. Since we live in USA, I feel I should not have to change my behavior, they live here and should try harder to learn the language and accept my culture.
      I still try to find solutions to make my girlfriend feel better.

      She is insanely jealous, even of women on TV and movies if I think they are pretty. She always asks if any women talked to me after work. I was never a jealous person before, and never worried about other men with ex girlfriends. But now I am definitely jealous of other men talk to her or smile at her. It’s like I am ready to fight as soon as I know it happened….

      But overall she is amazing and strong and looks so much much younger than any western woman her age. Her body and facial features are much more feminine and attractive than western women’s. Her body is petite and virtually hairless and she NEVER has any body odor or bad smells. It’s almost like being with an alien from another planet because we are so different. I’m a big Italian guy and she is a tiny little thing. Photos of us look like King Kong with a little Asian princess. Even though she works very very hard she still takes care of me massages (amazing massages with elbows and acupressure) packs lunches and snacks, and so much more.

      The biggest difference from western women (besides the youthfulness and hairless body and lack of body odor or strong smells) is that she really appreciates little things: displays of affection, notes left for her, foot and calf massages after work, when I act sweet and soft to her, when I make her tea and bring it to her….she truly appreciates the little things.

      I am her first and only western boyfriend and she is my first and only Asian girlfriend:
      As a result she says she can never date an Asian man again if we broke up. She says she thinks western men are much more manly and tough and open and expressive (both mentally and physically) I don’t think it is true myself. I’ve know a lot of Asian guys who are tough and cool as shit but I am not a woman so I don’t know.

      And the same for me: I could NEVER EVER be with a western woman if we broke up. All western women seem selfish, shallow and cow-like (especially when they have big boobs like udders.

  • eddie1234

    Stop making this senseless argument and try to save face. Taiwanese girls are super easy for foreign men. Of course not every Taiwanese girls are like that but there is enough to completely satisfy any foreign man that travels to Taiwan. If you are NOT an Asian male (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and you cannot score on hundreds of Taiwanese girls, you may as well crawl into a hole and just masterbate.

    The easiest girls to pick up for foreign men are the filipinos, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kongese. They are like 123. It is an honor for them that we go to bed with them. All my friends scores in hundreds. Don’t let anyone tell you about their culture and all that. Let them lie to themselves. It cracks me up.

  • Eat Meat

    The amount of ignorance here is astounding even from those who are claiming to be Taiwanese. I am a quielo married to a FOB Taiwanese woman for 25 years with two mixed race sons.

    There is more than enough truth in all the things said here, but you won’t find that every single woman has all of them.

  • HUSH

    You know how ridiculous to say tw is not part of China like only you have austronesian bloodline? I tell you here China has 56 ethnic groups and yours are not a little bit more special than any one else. But I’m not going to talk about politics here. If you think you’re a country, ask the UN to rise a flag for you, PLEASE.

    the thing is, some taiwan girls are nice and they would at least communicate with us and become friends, no matter they think tw is a country or not. I’m totally ok with that because I’m not a person judging people on their political preference. Some, well, just say she doesn’t want to talk to a Chinese as if that will kill her, never said thankyou after I helped her several times. In that case, stop speaking Chinese, PLEASE. it’s a language for people who are friends to use, not for betrayers.

    when talking about girls, don’t comment on girls according to their region. anywhere in the world has good girls and bad girls. don’t listen to and belive other people’s comments on any girl, or any person in the world. talk to her and use your own judgement. see things with your eyes and soul, if not what you need them for?

    • Chih

      Ok American, English, and Ausrtralian are all the same blood basically from Europe and speak the same language. Do you even know any history between China and Taiwan? Your comment sounds ignorance. Though Taiwan is not totally considered as a country in the world, there are seperate governments, laws, and politics with China. Taiwan is democrat and have its own president but is suppressed by China. Do you call Irish batraytors since they’ve seperated from England? And do you even know why Taiwanese don’t like Chinese? Because they are so impolite and rude. They could pee beside the road, throw garbage everywhere, squeezed people in line, and do anything selfish in public.

  • Keyser Soze

    My Taiwanese girlfriend is very sweet, caring and beautiful, from a Christian family. She has been through a rough case of bone cancer at a young age and she has definitely grown stronger out of it. But I think the suddenly rapid development of Taiwan and the western influences make it quite tough for people to live there and create various psychological suppressions that make people insecure in some ways. Of course every girl is different and that is why it’s bad to put every Taiwanese woman under the same umbrella. But the influence of each country is still common on every person that has grown up there. The urban life is way too fast and oppressive and I constantly see her trying to be more efficient and quick in everything she does. Dut to my mentality being different and taking things more slowly, sometimes I make her angry since we are a bit late because of me. And since I’m quite an introverted person (contrary to her), it’s harder for me to be open to people at first and it’s harder for me to take the lead and make the first move, which is what she often wants. She also has the tendency of exaggerating with many things, but I guess that could be, in part, a Taiwanese characteristic, due to the educational system being insanely demanding and the lifestyle subjecting people to constant stress. This kind of stuff is often the reason for creating clashes between us that end up in fights, but we are both stiving towards creating a balance. We have been together for nearly 2 years, but in a long-distant relationship since the beginning (we are both university students in our own coutries and thus can’t live together), which is obviously very hard for us. But, we keep going…

  • local foreigner

    Have met numerous women in public places in Taipei who seem to fit the concept of “passive,” which is the word that is often locally used by Taiwan people to describe many women. Passive means, expecting the other person to make all the moves. This seems to be almost like a repeating loop, where you really cannot seem to get to the point where she is expressing something “actively” to you, until such point that she suddenly decides it is really necessary to do so. I have been told by several older women that this is because of a deeply entrenched concept that this is “what men really want to do.” Not sure. How could so many people have such a concept? For many western men who are themselves not exactly the swashbuckling extrovert, it can seem as though this “passivity” creates an impassible moral barrier. You cannot think of any way to approach this person without fear of being eyed with suspicion since at no point does she let on the slightest willingness to let you approach her (unless you are really just all out, without any reservations, in which case she is suddenly “open” to you.) This dynamic keeps a loop going in which conservative, old school stereotypes of “manly” and “womanly” behavior, seemingly taken from the old aristocratic world of real men and real women, keep getting replayed. For us leftists or hipsters who feel we have never like conservative gender models, we feel forced to act like a mainstream normal conservative or else just give up.