Whenever Chinese people talk about Sichuan women, the most used words would be” pretty and cute”. Though Sichuan women are mainly know for their outside attractiveness, they do possess a few characteristics that distinguish them from women in other regions.

There is a phrase local people use to describe the local men- “soft ears”, which means a man that is a bit scared of his wife and does what his wife asks. Though this does not point directly at Sichuan women, it says something about their character.

Sichuan women are “manipulative” in a way. Either by being very independent and successful or gentle and caring, they manage to make men follow their will. Once the relationship steps into a more confirmed status, Sichuan women will take over the lead in the relationship without even noticing. And the best part is that, most men are willing to be “commanded” and “tamed” by their Sichuan women. A magic trick that is played well by and only by Sichuan women.

Sichuan women have good fashion taste. Being far away from the coast does not mean boring and out of date. Sichuan women make full use of their natural gift and dress themselves well. Walking in the street in Chengdu is like walking on a fashion stage with all the pretty models around you.

Sichuan people are also well known for their “ laziness”. This shows up in relationships as well. Sichuan women like to take things slowly and build a strong relationship over time. Also, Sichuan women tend to be more straightforward with their feeling. They express their likes and dislikes without any hesitation.