Shanxi, meaning “mountain’s west” lies in the north China region surrounded by the Taihang Mountain and the Yellow River. Being one of the origin places of Chinese civilization, it is also the hometown of three very famous women in history, who are Yuhuan Yang (a concubine in Tang Dynasty), Diaochan (a character in folk stories, e.g. the book of The Romance of the three Kingdoms) and Zetian Wu (lived in Tang Dynasty, the only female emperor in China).

The first two are listed in the well-known “Four Beauties in ancient China”, who are said to be so beautiful that one shamed the flowers on earth and the other outshined the moon in sky. Zetian Wu, on the other hand, as concubines of two emperors, both father and son, was no doubt a stunningly attractive one as well. So, what’s the image in your mind of women there?

Generally speaking, Shanxi women enjoy their fame by honest and simple sentiment, industrious and kind character, but not the adorable appearance nowadays despite of those beauties in history. Also, in the past people from Shanxi province developed their business all over China, but now they seem to possess less pioneering spirit.

Women in this province are not as aggressive as those from coastal area, but relatively more restrained and introverted. They are considered as understanding wives and loving mothers. It is believed that Shanxi girls are most tender and loyal to their husbands no matter if he is rich or poor. However, please note that Shanxi is the producing area of mature vinegar, and the talented women here could be as sour and jealous as the vinegary taste if she finds her partner doesn’t fairly love her as he should.