Shanghai’s fame is largely related to its status of cosmopolitan city. It has always been a pioneering hub for the introduction of different innovations and fashion.  This history of constantly defying tradition, eventually gave way to the unique personality of today´s Shanghai girl.

Today´s Shanghai woman pays a lot of attention to the way they look and tend to be almost obsessive about any detail of their dressing. Their desire for popular brands is so high that they are often willing to spend an entire month´s pay in order to buy a fashionable bag or other accessory. A recent survey found that an average Shanghai girl uses up to 20 different cosmetics daily. This is actually a world record!

Winning the heart of a typical Shanghai girl, can be a difficult and expensive task. Their men can expect to face very high standards.  Some of the popular terms used by Chinese men to describe their Shanghai girls are: capriciousness, coquetry and mystery.  In China, Shanghainese wife (“shanghai taitai”) is a synonym for a woman with high maintenance cost and who is not willing to do any housework. Because Shanghainese wives are so hard to please, Shanghai boasts just about the highest divorce rate in China, mostly initiated by women.

Amazingly, Shanghai women are also thought to be more independent than other women in other provinces. They are more likely to pick up the bill in a restaurant and tend to be a little more business oriented.