Shaanxi is a province located in the very heart of China’s territory. It is the origin of the Loess Plateau culture and home to some of the most distinctive women in China.

In remote times, a woman named Huaxu lived in this area, and she gave birth to Nvwa and Fuxi, the two ethnic ancestors and creators of human beings according to Chinese legend. In this sense, Huaxu was the foremother of all nations, and she is still worshiped as an extraordinary female tribal chief in Huaxu County today.

Inheriting the heroic manner of their ancestors, Shaanxi women are bold, generous, forthright and hardworking individuals. Moreover, they are clever in minds and skillful in hands. The exquisite paper-cut for window decoration, which is defined as world cultural heritage by the Unite Nations, is a good example of their elaborative work. Besides, they are good at shadow puppets, clay and wood dolls and many other folk arts.

Women’s beauty in Shaanxi is also famous, especially the girls from Mizhi County. Mizhi girls are renowned by their delicate skin, gorgeous looks and well-shaped bodies. Distinguished from the trends of slimming figures nowadays, girls from Mizhi represent a special beauty with sexy curves and fleshy build. It is believed that the custom in Tang Dynasty, which had its capital in Shaanxi, has some influence on the modern concept of beauty in this area.

If you’re already attracted by the characteristics of Shaanxi women based on this introduction, you might be disappointed by another one of their traits. They prefer local men to foreigners. They often say it’s easier and more relaxed to be held by the arms of Shaanxi men.