Attractive Chinese girls are everywhere you look… in China, in the US and in most overseas cities where there is an established Chinese population. Yet, the big question is: what makes a Chinese girl so attractive? If you ask a foreigner about attractive Chinese girls, he will certainly have a different opinion to a man from another Asian country. Such a man will have a different opinion from a local Chinese man who, in turn, may disagree with the views of a Chinese man living in Beijing if he comes from Shanghai! Each major Chinese city prides itself on the beauty of its women and, if you are looking for sexy Chinese girls in Tianjin or Dalian as compared to Guangzhou or Chengdu then, whilst the basic “ingredients” may be the same, that extra “something” that helps define “attractive” will be open to different interpretations. So, let’s consider the different factors that need to be present to help define a little better what we mean by attractive Chinese girls.

What makes Chinese girls so sexy?

Although attractive Chinese girls come from different backgrounds and in all shapes and sizes, they all seem to have several things in common: poise and femininity that reveals a real women; an indefinable, fragile beauty; an allure that girls from many other countries seem to lack; and last, but not least, that steely determination to succeed… International model from China Here are some key aspects to consider when thinking about attractive Chinese girls: Figures: most beautiful Chinese girls have amazing figures—well proportioned, well toned, and womanly and, perhaps best of all, they seem to tend to keep them longer than many women from other countries! Such girls are usually svelte, small boned and relatively small in stature. Undoubtedly, her “vital statistics” will be impressive! Features: similarly, beautiful Chinese girl usually have finely boned features such as high cheekbones, sensuous lips and thin, straight noses—all perfectly arranged. Fine, smooth skin, topped off by the crowning glory of long, jet black tresses, apparently floating in the breeze… Don’t forget her sparkling brown, almond shaped eyes, then add all of these facial features together and the “jigsaw” is complete; the beauty portrayed—and, often, what a stunning, pretty Chinese girl! Grooming: usually well groomed and well dressed, any beautiful Chinese girl will have her skin, hair and finger nails well maintained. Of course, she’ll be dressed in the latest fashions and accessories but it’s not just that, as many beautiful Chinese girls seem to have that innate sense of style, that ability to look good in a wide variety of outfits. It’s inbuilt in a Chinese woman to want to look her best. The missing ingredient for any beautiful Chinese girl is intangible, almost indescribable—just like with any woman the world over who has “it”. That something special…, that mysterious final piece of the puzzle… but when an attractive Chinese girl has “it” you’ll know for sure. It might simply be the way she pouts; the way she crosses her legs… or the way she smiles with her eyes: whatever it is… it’s beautiful!

Beautiful Chinese girls: where do I find them?

Finding and getting to know a sexy Chinese girl can be a challenge for any man, never mind a foreign man. For some men it’s bad enough trying to find a woman in their own city or country so it’s worthwhile to do some research and make a careful, workable plan if you are intent on finding a Chinese girl to be your partner. However, don’t get too hung up on having a rigid plan as, sometimes, the best laid plans don’t work and, quite unexpectedly, you meet an available, attractive, beautiful Chinese girl in the lift or in the park. In any event, always remember that, just because a Chinese girl is beautiful, she will, probably, still be intelligent and have aspiration and plans of her own. Some ways to meet pretty Chinese girls include:find sexy Chinese girls Company gatherings or business events: business events or conferences are ideal to get to know beautiful Chinese girls in your profession or related professions, many of whom have worked hard on their career at the expense of finding a partner—being sexy can also involve being very career minded! Educational courses: doing a Chinese language or other educational course opens ups possibilities of meeting pretty Chinese girls, both from the Mainland but also overseas born Chinese girls who have returned to China and who need to brush up on their mother tongue Dating sites: you’ll be surprised at how many beautiful Chinese girls use reputable dating sites mainly because she is looking for a mate—and, sometimes, a foreign man can be more understanding and compassionate—plus less intimated by her being sexy and being admired by other men. Take a look at this website Love Asian Women Bars and clubs: it may surprise you to know that many sexy Chinese girls are not necessarily “party animals”; still, it cannot be denied that bars and clubs are possible meeting places where the main objective of both males and females is to have a good time, and see who from the opposite sex is around and about…, and available

How to attract sexy Chinese girls

So, you’ve met a beautiful Chinese girl, and now you need to make her attracted to you. What are some of the things to do to win her over? Maybe show her you have:attract sexy Chinese girls Good heart: this relates to the way you show your care and concern for your beautiful Chinese girl and for her close friends and family. It’s common in China for girls to place almost as much weight on their man having a good heart as on his looks and appearance Be chivalrous: pretty Chinese girls can be real romantics at heart and even fairly simple chivalrous displays can only enhance their desires to be with you. Often foreign men are much more chivalrous: letting their women go first into a room, opening doors, standing on the outside of a footpath when traffic goes by—and this can be a big advantage in the mind of your sexy Chinese girl Respect: treat your beautiful Chinese girl as your equal; show that you recognise her prowess in doing a demanding job; involve her in key decisions about money, key purchases or other matters which you feel need the input of both of you. This sense of being wanted, of being your partner is a subtle way of turning your sexy Chinese girl on and making her be that much more affectionate at the right times Good appearance: make your pretty Chinese girl proud to be alongside you at functions, when out shopping or generally when you are together; her pride in you will resonate into the warmth of her affection. Being handsome or good looking, of course, also counts but always being neat and tidy and dressing well works too!

Now she’s my girlfriend, how do I behave with a beautiful Chinese girl?

With your beautiful Chinese girl on the way to being your partner for life, how do you best behave?dating sexy Chinese girls Pay close attention to her interests and background: as an Asian woman, pretty Chinese girls will still be far more culture-centric than western women and she will be flattered in your interest in her life and background. Show genuine interest in her interests, whether these be her family, her studies and, ideally, in her culture and heritage Gain her confidence: despite being a pretty Chinese girl your new girlfriend will probably have led a relatively sheltered life and your outward signs of only wanting her for her physical appearance are going to lead you nowhere. When you finally get to have some quality conversation time with this woman, choose your words carefully; repress your desires to touch her, hold her hand, or to be overly physical too early. Give her time to get used to you Assimilate with her group: get to know who your sexy Chinese girl spends time with and cultivate their friendship and companionship. Let them know you, too, are a “nice person”, possessing some of the qualities that you have identified in the sexy girl attracting your attention. Although, naturally, the first attraction to your sexy Chinese girl is how she looks, don’t be deceived by appearances—you’ll be surprised at just how many such girls truly don’t know they are beautiful… really!

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    this is ridiculous… if she can’t accept you, simply move on to the next one… not to mention the amount of family members that have to approve of you as well

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    You write a lot of stupid articles. No doubt these nonsensical click bait articles is to help your ad revenue.

    Btw, I don’t even think Zhang Li is the one writing them because they sound so stupid.

  • bbarnavi

    It all depends on how you define “sexy”, really. For example, I find Asian-American ladies to ooze sexuality even when wearing a t-shirt and sweats, while Chinese women have to dress up in expensive fashion and slather on heavy (and not very well-done) makeup in order to hope to match the level of natural sexuality exuded by an Asian-American. And even then, you notice what’s real and what’s fake

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    Asian girls are simply superior with regards to their beauty and intelligence.

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      I see that you like lower hanging fruits. Ha Ha, why not. It is hard to reach the top ones for some people.

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        What is a top fruit? A blonde bimbo?

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          An ugly Chinese bimbo. For some strange white guys, they have opposite taste. This is well known. Ask anyone who lives in Asia. Again I said some. Most have normal taste though but they usually do not hunt only Asians. The ones who run Playboy that sets a world standard do not display a Chinese from Asia as the centerfold – never. Go figure!

          • Estaphulous

            In 100 years we will all be mixed race.

          • eddie1234

            No, Indians are the biggest race and the Indian girls do not dive into westerners like the Chinese women. Indians will be Indians. There aren’t enough westerners for Chinese women. 100 Chinese women would have to share one westerner. They are very willing to share though.

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            Do you have anything better to do? These posts are a year old. Go get laid.

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            Well, I do not sit around and catch them while they are fresh. I was getting laid then 🙂

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            RATFLMAO. which reminds me. poontang!!!! 🙂

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            Indian women are bound culturally and spirituality into what are actually very healthy long term relationships – it’s built into the culture – we in the West are the ones who are mentally wonked! Indian women dont are satisfied with their men.

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    This is cute. So is the author of this website paid by the mail order bride people? I suspect that dating “Chinese girls” is no different than dating American girls. Afterall, women are the same everywhere. They’re all equally crazy–all over the world–they just wear different dresses. 😉 Either you know how to treat women (nicely) or you don’t…

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    Thanks for the advice. I love to deceive Chinese women. This article will help me. Liv2damax.

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    Chinese women are the easiest for foreign men. Ask any foreign man who has ever travelled around the world, including China. Chinese women are not attractive at all. I say everyone 10,000 Chinese women, one would look good. They may look decent when they put on tons of make up and be inside a dimmed lit night club but under the sun, they are just not there.

    If you are a foreign man, which means you are not Chinese, Japanese or Korean and you can’t score in hundreds of them, you may as well crawl into a hole and materbate.

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    its not just because Chinese women are pretty that make her to be every man desire it’s how she behave and play her role in life and expect a man to play his role too that how things should be not the new age when the woman want to be bossy nobody like that and you will die alone that’s what happening and men want that quality that’s why every man want to marry a Chinese woman. If you stupid feel jealous like you always do go and learn from her not hate. And I feel that Chinese women have rules in there culture and traditions that shape them the way they are now. So any of you motherfuckers marrying a Chinese woman you better be a man don’t rune it for us or otherwise go marry the cow back home

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    Do Chinese girls generally keep in contact with ex boyfriend? currently dating a Chinese girl for about a year now and have had much intimacy and talks about getting really serious but she says her ex still contacts her sometimes, she says she refused the last time he asked to get back together with her, and is weird that he will still randomly message her. i know she had a hard time getting over him but its been around 2 years such and plus. thoughts?

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      they’re popular. Pay attention!

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    Dumb chump answers. Truth must be told: Chinese women are sexier! Period! European women are no longer quite so sexy – they got lost somewhere – maybe they’ll be back someday. Other than that, inter racial genetic mixing is good for world peace and is instinctive in its generation of stronger and more survivable genes.