Finding, dating and marrying the Chinese woman of your dreams might be your main objective, but one of the keys to success is to be well prepared and have a fuller picture for what lies ahead.

So, we’ve put together a collection of useful links to a variety of other sites to let you share or learn about experiences of other foreigners who either live or work (or have lived or worked) in China or have enjoyed interracial, cross-cultural relationships. Fascinating reading throughout, as the writers reveal some truths (good and bad) and dispel some myths; read on:

1. a great read if you want to find out what it’s like to live in China. This blog will take you to small and ancient villages, or to dinner with a Chinese family, plus gives general advice on moving to and living in China.

2. an entertaining, wry look through the eyes of a British-born Chinese, sharing experiences of living and working in China—both good and bad, irritating and amusing. This blog will be of most interest to other expatriates living in China who can relate to such experiences.

3. a great series of articles on a variety of matters interracial and which help to illustrate and highlight cultural differences—and how they affect East—West romances, and all from an Asian born, Asian raised, East Asian woman’s point of view.

4. a very informative blog all about teaching in China and which aims to Chinese women resourceshelp you make an informed decision about whether teaching in China is for you or not. Includes a number of important links covering a job listing guide and support group.

5. a most interesting site offering the viewpoint from within a mixed Guyanan/Korean marriage—and aiming to provide a place that offers support, information and resources, as well as to promote a positive image of black women, biracial children and the mixed race community.

6. fascinating insights on travel experiences and Chinese culture as seen through the eyes of a Chinese-American woman, who was born in China and now lives in the US, with her Sinophile American husband and children.

7. do you want a good laugh? This site helps us laugh at mixed-up cross cultural communications and the idiosyncrasies of people dating and “loving” in a second language; people say the funniest things…

8. an amazing site which, through content packed videos and tutorials, all offered free, will help and train you to meet, attract and seduce women. What more could any man ask for?

9. offers a wonderful, personal collection of pictures of beautiful Asian women from around the world, not always famous—but seriously attractive! In 4 years it has grown to over 180,000 unique visitors with some 500,000 page-views per month.

10. interesting, personal reflections of day to day life in China—seen through the eyes of a resident expatriate in the southern city of Shenzhen; looking at the opportunities and trials and tribulations of living in the PRC.

11. The Great Wall of China and Beijing Travel Guide from a real person who lives and works in China. Everything you need to know about planning your adventure. Beijing tours, Great Wall of China tours, pictures, maps, directions, tips, travel guides and so much more. Experience Beijing, China the way it is supposed to be.

12. great resource to help you learn to speak Chinese.

13. offers great tips to help you find your Asian women.

14.  Yzenith Chinese food Recipes blog focus on authentic Chinese Recipes and China facts, you could find recipes categories such as: Ancient Chinese dish recipes, healthy Chinese food recipes, best Chinese food recipes.

15. Conquer China is one of the best websites dedicated to entrepreneurship in China and Chinese culture.

16. A great article about 12 tips for writing Chinese characters.

17. No1Reviews Website Review

18. Asian Promise-Dating Chinese women

19. Chinese Dating Guide Book

20. Reviews of Online Dating Sites and Dating Services
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