Located in the northwest of China, Qinghai is the fourth-largest province in size, but has the third-smallest population. Bordering Tibet and Xinjiang provinces, Qinghai is influenced by four main ethnic cultures: the Han, the Tibetans, the Hui and the Mongols. Almost half of the province population is made up of non-Han people.

Being similar in sentiment and physique to the typical northern Chinese ladies, the young women of Qinghai have a generous heart and a healthy body. Living close to the Tibetan plateau, most of them have red puffy cheeks because of the strong UV light and the dry atmosphere. Depending on where they are from and whether they come from the countryside or from the city, they might wear very different clothing, for each ethnic groups have their own traditional clothes and jewelries.

The ethnic groups might also have their own wedding customs which must be adhered to. The Islamic Hui people, for example, are forbidden to eat pork, and they don’t usually marry outside their own group.

Many families there keep horses, and it’s not strange that some of the young girls grew up riding horses in order to reach the nearest school, paying tuition fees with livestocks, and eating a healthy diet of lamb meat and ground barley. The Hui girls might not even be sent to secular public schools, as a result, they won’t be able to speak Mandarin or very little.

However, the hardships of the plateau also give many ladies there a good reason to live life to the fullest. They are passionate, free-spirited and courageous. They are sincere and don’t hide their feelings. They might spend lots of time outdoor, but they also love to be pretty and know how to decorate themselves with beautiful things. They have their own world and they love their own world, because life itself is beautiful to these Qinghai girls.