Ningxia is an autonomous region for the Hui people of China, located in the northwest part of the country. Though Han is still the majority group in the province, Ningxia is home to the largest Hui population in China. The Hui people are Muslims, who speak Mandarin but write it in Arabic script.

The orthodox Hui people believe in the same cultural and religious practice between men and women, and encourage marriage within its own group. However, most of the Hui people are similar in culture to Han Chinese. Hui is also the most wide spreading ethnic minority group in China. Indeed, many Hui men and women have migrated to places far and wide in China and also in the world.

Despite their gentle and feminine looks and personalities, the young women of Ningxia can master a strong voice projection in their own dialects with their local friends, and are actually quite progressive in nature. Although they do not like to boast, they have quiet strong wills and they do not quit easily. The married ones would actively keep up the appearance of their home, husbands and kids, regardless of the amount of effort or cost needed.

Generally wanting to be the first in everything, they cannot be satisfied with mediocrity, which demands them to always look to the better future. It’s not surprising that the women are usually the dominant partners in their marriage. It’s also not surprising that the progressive and ambitious Ningxia women have pretty much all moved away from home to conquer the world, and the ones left behind tend to be more realistic and complacent.

The Hui women are also famous for their beauty in China, for they have retained some of the “exotic” Arabic or Persian features, yet they also have adopted the features from the nearby Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia provinces, such as nice skins and slim waists.

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