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Arielle W.

Arielle W. (Hong Kong)

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Arielle W. is a Hong Kong Chinese who was born into a traditional Chinese family, yet raised internationally in various countries. She was educated at international schools and foreign institutions, and has, therefore, developed an interest in foreign countries, cultures and people. She speaks English and a number of European languages, and yet, remains interested in Chinese cultures through her studies in Chinese literature. Arielle currently resides in Hong Kong with her German boyfriend.

Mia Qu

Mia Q. (China)

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Mia Q. is a 24-year old Chinese who has been living in the UK for the last 2 years. She lived in England for a year first and then she moved to Scotland. During her stay in the UK she continues to delve deep into the British world as well as the European world by studying the English language and culture, and learn about the western society. Mia has visited more than 40 European cities and is currently maintaining a long-distance relationship with her Dutch boyfriend.

Sihui Liu

Sihui L. (China)

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Sihui L., is a 24-year old Chinese woman currently living in the United States. She majored in English during her university years in China and it was during this time that she got invited to teach Chinese to an American man, who was eagered to learn more about China. This was the beginning of a romantic relationship, which ended up in marriage. Sihui and her husband have recently moved back to the United States and are living a happy life together.

Molly C.

Molly C. (Hong Kong)

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Molly C. is a Hong Kong Chinese woman who was born and has grown up in Hong Kong. She studied at an English college in Hong Kong and a university in the UK. She has experienced British culture during her stay in the UK, as well as European culture by visiting European countries. She has also met people who are from different countries and so, has known different cultures from them. Molly is currently living in England with her British boyfriend.