Liaoning Province is a large province located in northeast of China and is a center of large-scale industry. Most of the families there make a living as factory workers. The whole area is quiet and conservative. Girls in Liaoning are raised in a more traditional way than girls that come from the big cities such as Beijing, Shang Hai, and Guang Zhou. In first tier cities like Beijing, the cost of living is very high, and there is more of a need to show your social status by driving expensive cars, wearing western name brand clothes etc. Because of this, girls in the big cities only want to find rich men. Money is the only thing that girls in big cities are taught to look for when finding a husband; with complete disregard to their physical appearance, personality, or having something in common. Liao Ning girls on the other hand care more about a man’s personality and are much more likely to marry a man because they love him, as opposed to marrying him because of his status in society. Liao Ning girls are much more pure and innocent compared to their first tier city counterparts. Nowadays women in Liaoning province can be divided into two types.

One type is more open-minded, and influenced by western culture. They dress trendy, speak elegantly, and try to be decorous in public. They want to be like women in the big modern cities yet their surroundings are far from modern. This is the paradox that these women live in. Liaoning like most places in China are very backwards and the people can be very vulgar at times. This makes it hard for this type of Liaoning girl to keep her elegant and modern composure.

The other type is more traditional and closed minded. They care less about their physical appearance and do not wear makeup or shave their under arms, facial hair etc. They will obey their parents orders at all times including matters as important as what college to go to, what major to study, and even who they can and cannot marry. They call their boyfriends and husbands “Lao Tou” which means old man. This type of girl cannot distinguish a difference between boyfriend and fiancé because any man she is in a relationship with she will expect to marry eventually. They can do house work, such as cooking and cleaning.

In China, most men would think that marrying a Liaoning girl is a good thing because they don’t care about money. You show your heart to them they give you a lot more back in return. But there is a disadvantage, Liaoning girls are short-tempered. They may shout at you a lot more than girls from other provinces but they just love you this way. Some men might see this as a good thing because their emotions are easy to predict. Chatting with girls who are from Liaoning province can be very fun because they are tremendously humorous. You have absolutely no stress from the conversing with them. A bouquet of flowers can make them happy for a whole day. Having a relationship with girls from Liaoning province can be very comfortable, harmonious and easy if you handle their tempers with care.