Jilin is located at the heart of the Northeast region of China, which consists of two other provinces Heilongjiang and Liaoning, and is historically also known as Manchuria. The three provinces share many similarities in terms of geography, natural climate and folk culture, which makes them appear to the outside world as a homogeneous cultural entity that is distinct from the rest of China.

Besides the cultural appearance, these regions are also physically closely connected by the massive railway system that was built originally by the Japanese during their short occupation in Manchuria. The three provinces are also special in a sense that even though they are located in the east, they are inland provinces with sparse population, and their traditional industries mainly consist of lumber, mining and machine, most of which are traditionally run by government-owned companies. This has partially determined the people’s outlook in these region, as there are much fewer foreign enterprises willing to invest in regions away from the coast, and naturally the people find themselves not in great need to learn English in order to get a job in a foreign-owned company, which is often the case in Chinese coastal regions nowadays because of the better career prospects. The Jilinese people also usually do not find the need to go to the West to experience another culture. Besides bordering Russia and North Korea to the East, Jilin has 10% of its population consisting of several ethnic groups such as the Koreans and the Manchu, each with their own distinct culture.

Jilin girls are said to share the same characteristics as northern girls in general: sporting pretty long legs, they have strong, determined characters; they like directness and straight-forwardness on part of their friends and lovers, even though in a relationship they reserve their right to be a little girlish, feminine, fanciful and romantic; they value integrity above everything else, and condemn hypocrisy in all situations. However, for some girls, such straight-forwardness could result in a strong will and ego that could make the men feel over-powered at times; and for some other girls, it could also result in complete loyalty to their lovers, despite how they are actually being treated in the relationship or how their family might oppose.

Needless to say, for these girls who love and hate easily, as soon as they have found out that their boyfriends have done them wrong in any way, there will be grave consequences. However, compared to the other two provinces, perhaps due to the regional connection to Korea and to Japan, Jilin girls are more traditional, family-oriented and polite, if not also a bit more easily intimidated and alarmed.