When talking about Jiangsu province, you may always recall the image of a fertile land of fish and rice with gifted scholars and beautiful ladies. So the women there should be in petite figures with lovely faces and possessing very nice temper. Well, you’re right, but partially.

Jiangsu is a unique province divided into two different parts at large, saying the northern and the southern ones by the Changjiang and Huai rivers. They are not only geographically separated, but also diverse in economics, culture and politics. Consequently, women fed by the soil and water in one side distinguish from those in the other.

Women in the southern Jiangsu where there is richer are usually described as exquisite and graceful, just like the mentioned above. They are versatile and independent. Based on their good education today, they would like to earn better quality of life and as well to reach their goals of career. A southern Jiangsu girl will probably like you because you value her highlight and share the same interests with her. On the other hand, women in the northern may look like the Northerners more who are relatively straightforward and bold in character while rough and tall in shape. They often care more about the social status. In other words, due to poorer economic condition, women there are sort of more realistic and willing to marry men with better economic situation. It is reported that most pretty girls from the northern Jiangsu are married in the southern places.

In addition, Nanjing is an exception to a typical southern city in Jiangsu, since it was the capital of a whole country for several dynasties, most of which relocated from the North China. As a result, Nanjing women are the combination of northern and southern in some sense.