In 2005 Hunan Province became internationally known after its successful talent show Super Girls. It has been crowned as the cradle for Chinese entertainment innovations ever since. Yet flower-drum opera (“Hua Gu Xi”), a traditional performance developed from local ditties, domestically defines the cultural characteristics of the province.  Hunan is not only the perfect example of integration of traditions with fashion, but its also home of the hot tempered “Hunan Meizi”.

Lyrics from a popular song by Song Zuying aptly illustrate the features of Hunan girls. Girls who love hot pepper are hot, which suggests that local ladies boast alabaster skin and curvaceous figure. The old Chinese saying “beautiful girls never fail to fascinate gentlemen”, is believed to describe Hunan ladies well.

Budget-oriented men will be happy to know that Hunan girls spend far less on cosmetics than their counterpart in other provinces. The inviting natural skin of local ladies is destined to make them charming even with light makeup. No wonder cosmetics never take precedence in their expenditure. In fact, being both penny and pound wise is another popular description of the Hunan girl.

Some say that having hot arguments may add spice to your love life. Do not try this with Hunan ladies. They do have temper!