With the mighty Yangtze River running through its northern half, Hubei is a province in central China, with its many rivers and lakes providing a stable but humble mean of life for the average locals. Hubei’s location in between the culturally conflicting Northern and Southern China has made its people take on a somewhat cunning and defensive quality in their conduct. However, Hubei has a reputation of producing Chinese “beauties”, and the girls from Hubei are said to possess a unique water-like character and elegance.

The Hubei girls are usually not very tall, but are born with well-proportioned bodies, lovely appearances and nice skins. They are generous, smart, candid, but also can be a little calculating, though usually in harmless ways. Most of them are traditional and tend to be not very enterprising, which can be seen as being goody two-shoes and lacking a certain lively or sporty quality. But they can also be determined and strong-charactered, and like to be the first in everything, which can be a little over-whelming sometimes. Regardless of being introverted or extroverted, Hubei women in general are very independent in life and, are skilled in hands and in minds. They can be a little bit emotional at times, which requires their boyfriends to have good patience and self-control and to be observant of the temperaments of their Hubei girls.