With its industry booming and its doors being wide open to all kinds of foreign influence, one would think that the days of old Chinese tradition have come to an end. It is true that Chinese society is becoming less and less traditional these days, but there are still certain matters in which tradition has the upper hand. One of such topics, which have managed to escape causality of modern times, is marriage. Marriage is one of the main pillars of Chinese society, right along with nourishment and financial stability. Before you start a serious relationship with your Chinese girl, it is important to understand what her expectations will most probably be and decide if you are really willing to be the man she will expect you to be.

Different than in western countries, most Chinese prefer a long term relationship over short term casual dating. This means, that many young Chinese will likely marry their first and only partner. The way that this works, is that they will usually meet in school or college and start a serious relationship, which in some cases does not involve sexual contact. Most Chinese girls will get married around their mid twenties, which is the age when they usually conclude their studies and begin their professional life. It is also around this age, that their mothers and grandmothers will start to enquire them about marriage. If a girl reaches her late twenties and she is still not married, then she will begin to worry that something might be wrong with her. If this situation prolongs itself, family members will take action by setting up blind dates or even posting ads in local newspapers and match-making agencies.

After you find your Chinese girlfriend, you might notice that she may already start hinting on marriage within the first months of the relationship. This is something, which totally differs from western relationships and which you should be prepared for. Although most western women also get into relationships hoping that they will last forever, they often drop the topic of marriage at first in order to avoid pressuring their partner. In China this is a bit different, because relationship without marriage makes no sense. Another important thing to keep in mind is that even if you find the perfect Chinese girlfriend, there is still an important thing you will have to deal with: winning her parents’ hearts.

Even in modern China mama and baba still have a lot to say when it comes to their daughter’s marriage. More often than not you will be required to meet a series of requirements in order to have their blessings. Although there is nothing more important to a Chinese parent than their child’s happiness, most parents will also prefer to make sure that their little girl´s future husband will be able to provide her with proper housing and financial security. With housing prices in China going through the roof, owning a property is a luxury that often comes as a requirement for young Chinese to get married.

So now that you know that your future Chinese bride is not the only one you will have to please, it is time for you to learn how to get along with her parents.

  • Emily

    My parents were so happy to finally have “a son”, when we got married! Almost all children of my generation are single child, it makes them really glad if their children get married, and it’s a really big deal and if they are well off (or even if they are not) they’d still want the best with everything for their kids! And Chinese parents *love* to spend *loads of* money to have a *really big* wedding, and some foreigners might find that intimidating to go through and need to find a way to work with that.

  • Gajanan Sonawane

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