What comes first to your mind when you think of “Hong Kong”? The story of a small fishing village turned into a big cosmopolitan? Its colonial history? Or the convenience of being able to get around without actually speaking Cantonese (or Mandarin)? Hong Kong is a very special city where “East meets West”. And whichever Chinese girl you fall in love with in Hong Kong, you could easily spot the western influences in her eastern cultural identity.

Despite their nationality, girls (or just anyone) in Hong Kong hate to be regarded as “Chinese”. In Hong Kong, they call themselves “Hong-Kongers” and this is the name they use to separate themselves from the Mainland Chinese. Due to Hong Kong’s colonial history, girls in Hong Kong have indeed different qualities than what you would normally find in Mainland Chinese girls. They tend to be more up-to-date with any western trends, be it fashion or music. They are more open with western cultures and more well mannered by western standards. They generally speak good English. (Actually, many of them are educated in English- speaking countries!) Western men should not find it too hard to communicate with them and get to know them.