Henan is a land of precipitation for ancient culture and the home of Kung Fu, and Henan is the origin of Chinese civilization and the birthplace of Chinese surnames.  Henan girls are not like the Jiangnan girls, who glance back prettily under an oiled paper umbrella; nor are they like the northern girls, who dress in Hu clothes and ride horses in the vast grassland.

They have never really been traditional girls, since Henan overcame the Great Famine of the 40s, most of them have grown up to be modern girls.

Most of Henan girls are single eyelids with the beauty of Lady Yang. The Henan girls are cheerful like naughty children,  but their pride makes them gorgeous. For Henan girl, feeling is more important than others, and they follow their hearts.  Henan girls dare to pursue their love and hate their opponents, being easy to break their temper.

They possess good dialogue and debating skills, while attaching great importance to etiquette. Henan girls are very realistic and material. Most of them have a lot of dreams, especially the dream of owning a house and car. As soon as these dreams come true, they are quick to pursue even larger goals. When in disagreement, she will stick with you until you compromise.

Most of the girls have never been to Henan Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts, but it is a great challenge to keep them under control. They have good characters and can distinguish hate and love clearly. You will need good psychological preparation to chase them since they are like a magician, misleading you into the virtual and the real. You should keep in mind never to put your money into other pockets, as it might magically disappear as well.

Western characteristic appearance, like muscular body and expensive clothing will give you an advantage. Henan girls are very smart, if you were lucky enough to truly conquer them, then consider your intelligence quotient to be very high.

  • bbarnavi

    Okay, my previous comment may have been to harsh. But the fact of the matter is, there’s a good reason that Henan is the butt of jokes all across China, even more so than Shandong. A deeply impoverished province is obviously going to produce a gutter-level class of people (including no shortage of scam artists), and no more is this reflected than in the women. Henan is not particularly known for its beauty, be it inside or out. The women are just as hideous in terms of conduct as they are in appearance. Some of the characteristics in the article are just euphemisms and disguised words for how ugly they are. I’ve got friends who complain that even while not so hot they STILL play hard to get, and trust me, I speak from experience!! Perhaps it’s because they want to inflate their own sense of self-worth/value, which deep inside they know is the bottom of the barrel. And like other Chinese women, they have to play games and be complicated. Perhaps a Shanghainese or Beijing beauty can have that privilege, but a Henan redneck?

    What’s a good way to describe Henan? Think Nebraska, but without any rustic charm.

    Avoid like the plague, and stick to classics like Sichuan or Jiangsu instead.