Hebei province, located north of the Yellow River, bordering Tianjin and Beijing, is a northern state which also used to be the State of Yan and the State of Zhao during the Warring States Period of China. As a famous Chinese saying goes “Yan and Zhao are full of heroes of generous nature and tragic songs”. Most Hebei characters, may them be men or women, are famous for their quiet but tragic and self-sacrificial natures.

Hebei women are said to possess similar qualities as the characters of Hebei legends. They are generous and kind, leading a still and tranquil life of little perceivable excitement, and very few of them can be said to be fashionable when compared to the girls of the neighboring metropolises Tianjin and Beijing. However, the women of Hebei are far more courageous when it comes to making quiet sacrifices or earth-shaking sacrifices for the general well beings of others.

They are down-to-earth girls who love helping people in need. Being sensitive and caring, they can be very attached to their families and homeland, and most of them will get very homesick when they have to be away.
Living in modern China, a place of constant competitions and new material desires, Hebei girls are a rare phenomenon because they can be completely selfless when it comes to helping others.

They never leave the sick or the poor unattended; they cannot promote themselves at the cost of others; in the zero sum games, they always make sure others get the upper hand. This is why even though they usually do well in school, they don’t usually make the career climb later to be the top guns. They are very good listeners and they usually don’t stand out in a party for their quietness.

Because they become very easily attached, it’s also not surprising if a Hebei girl is unable to be in a relationship because she is still attached to her first crush in middle school. Being of such a good nature, they can be very easily taken advantage of by their in-law families or their husbands in marriage, but they rarely complain.