Remember when you were a kid and your mother used to take such good care of you?  She’d cook, clean and make sure everything was just fine.  Now that you are older and understand how hard she worked, you might often catch yourself reminiscing about those carefree days when  someone was always at your disposal.  If you are looking to meet someone who will provide you this same kind of caring attention, then look no further than Hainan.

In China, Hainanese women are famous for their hard work.  If you go shopping or just walking around the streets of Haikou or Sanya you will see that most of the people working in the shops and restaurants are women.  Actually, during WWII Hainan’s women were renowned for their bravery in battle after a large number of the men had been killed.  Due to this, many local people regard them as very tough and brave and in many ways they are right.

All this brings up the image of a hardy, muscular woman, but for the most part they tend to be a little smaller and very thin.  While on vacation in Hainan, it is common to hear Mainland girls complaining in jealousy that they are not as thin as the native girls on the island.  The Hainan diet is very low in calories so most people tend to be thin, but healthy.

Hainan is what some consider the “Hawaii of China”.  If you live on the mainland, you are bound to visit Hainan one time or another. If you are looking for somebody special, Hainan is not a bad place to look.  Just make sure to respect and treat them right and they will undoubtedly respect and treat you right as well.  So if you have looked for love in too many of the wrong places give Hainan a shot.

  • Emily

    There are some hot women on Hainan Island no doubt! They’re definitely one of the reasons that it’s such a tourist attraction!