Located in the south part of China, Guangxi is one of China’s most beautiful landscapes and a true magnet for both Chinese and foreign tourists. However it is not just the picture-postcard scenery here which proves attractive – this laid-back holiday region is full of beautiful women who more than compliment the luscious range of hills and relaxed culture. Guangxi became an autonomous region in 1958. The Zhuang ethnic minority is the largest minority group in China. Most of the Zhuang people live in Guangxi right now.

Living in one of the world’s most beautiful regions, Guangxi women have a deep respect for nature and beauty. They are noticeably more easy-going and fun-loving. But women from different part of Guangxi are not the same. Girls from the south part of Guangxi are considered being more conservative and their skins look browner while the girls from the north part of Guangxi are more open-minded, straight forward and willingly to try different kind of new things.

As international marriage become popular in China, Guangxi is no exception. Nowadays most parents in Guangxi are being more supportive for their children’s own decision about marriage. Marriage between Guangxi girl and Laowai(Chinese words for foreigners) are more and more common. However English is still not popular at all in Guangxi. It’s necessary to learn some basic Mandarin if you want to communicate with your girl and her family in the future.

Guangxi women are also very family-orientated. They are more intended to put other people feeling first and sacrifice their career to take care of the family.