The first step to understand women in Guangdong is to get to know the region they live in.  Guangdong province (also known as Canton Province in English) is on the South China Sea coast. Two famous Chinese first tier cities are in this province- The provincial capital Guangzhou and economic hub Shenzhen.

As the very pioneer in the modernization construction, Guangdong is one of the China’s most advanced foreign-trade province, which provided the opportunity for Cantonese people to open their eyes and get to know the western world in the very early days. If you have a chance to visit or even live in Guangdong province, you will notice lots of interesting and unique culture there.

If you are walking in the street in Guangdong, you will notice the girls are slim and small compared with the girls from the north China. As Hongkong has been an active producer of Cantonese language entertainment, Cantonese girls are influenced heavily by the Hongkong culture. Most of them can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and their own regional dialect. However, the older local Cantonese generation is not very fluent in Mandarin.

If you need to communicate with your Cantonese girl’s family, try to learn some basic Cantonese or the dialect they speak. It will be very impressive in front of your future parent’s in law. Guangdong is also a paradise of gourmet. There’s a saying “Cantonese people eat everything in the sky and on the earth”. It’s an exaggerated expression but you can get some idea of the variety of Cantonese delicacies.

But many local Cantonese people do not really enjoy spicy food. So if you go out with a Cantonese girl, it’s safe to order some non-spicy to see how it goes for the first few dates. As part of the local culture, spending time with family over weekend to drink “morning tea” and eat “Dim sum” (Cantonese snacks) in the restaurant is still very popular.

When you are invited by your girlfriend to an occasion like this, being polite is very important. Try to pick up the teapot and help everyone to refresh their teacups once in a while before the tea cups are empty. This will leave a good first impression to the Cantonese family.


Guangdong is a big province. Girls from different area could present some different characters. For example, it’s a very popular saying that girls from ChaoShan area are famous for being great housewives. But every girl is different even though they share the similar culture background.  Take the first move and your perfect Chinese wife may be right around the corner.