As once a key part of the famous Silk Route, Gansu has always been known not only for its unique northwestern culture and history, but also its exotically beautiful and elegant women. Today, Gansu women possess both cultural glamour and a special kind of charm coming from their willingness to embrace modern life.

In Gansu, particularly in Lanzhou, its capital city, young and lovely women are called “Shasha,” which originates from the special flavor of fruit produced in this area. Due to their different ethnical heritage from ancient minorities in northwestern China, women born and raised in Gansu often have bigger, brighter eyes and more classical and exotic features, as if they come from another time or dynasty. A good example is a famous Chinese actress from Lanzhou, Luo Haiqiong, whose one-of-a-kind beauty helped her make her early fame.

Apart from their charming looks, Gansu women also enjoy their popularity because of their straightforwardness and the amazing ability to dress and behave fashionable and modern without the necessity of luxury products or any other kind of high maintenance. They tend to communicate in a more direct way. Even if a Gansu girl is mad at you, she would tell you the reason and far less often let you guess what she is thinking.

In other words, if you date a Gansu woman, you can enjoy both the fun and free-of-drama conversation as with most northern women, as well as the fondness of being with a beautiful and well-dressed woman as with southern girls, such as the ones from Shanghai, only without having your wallet emptied.

Since more and more westerners come to travel and work in Gansu, people no longer make a fuss about being friends with or dating a westerner. Women in Gansu might appear to be a little more traditional than those in mega cities, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun dating them. If you prefer an honest and more stable relationship, a pretty and down-to-earth Shasha is certainly a good choice.