If you are searching for a Chinese girl, then you probably have already come across the huge amount of dating sites out there. Almost all matchmaking websites are the same: they promise long lasting love and display beautiful young Chinese women who are just eager to meet you! Although there is some true love in matchmaking sites, there is also a large amount of professional gold diggers who have greatly contributed to denigrate the image of the Chinese girl.

Now, these women are not really entirely to blame for your mishaps. As a matter of fact, they are just there and in order for them to come in, you actually have to open the door. We are all men and like all human males, we have our ego. We like to believe that we still “have it”, although many of the guys who resort to these sites have their best years already behind them. At this point, it might not be clear why the topic of male ego has suddenly popped up, but in the following paragraphs it will make all the difference.

Every man dreams of having a beautiful woman by their side and it is only natural that when visiting dating sites, you might find yourself filtering only the very best. The drill is always the same: Filter for age and select only girls with photo, right? After that is done you quickly scroll down a list of profiles and guide yourself by the looks on the pictures. Before you know it, you have dozens of new tabs opened with profiles of girls which you can easily imagine yourself in bed with. The problem with this strategy is that scammers know it too.

Before you even start contacting women in one of these sites, you should take a few moments and be honest with yourself. Do you honestly believe that a woman who looks like Fan BingBing (Go Google “Fan Bing Bing”) will be in a second class dating website looking for you?! Well, your male ego and loneliness might drive you to believe so and that is when you become vulnerable. Scammers and gold diggers know all about your sexual fantasies and desire for companionship and to make matters worst, they know how to cater to every single one of these desires.

If you want to make sure you are contacting a legitimate girl, you better be aware of the following tricks. Just like you, many gold diggers might already have their best years behind them. In China, it is a big problem to be old and not be married. Many women, who are looking for a ticket out will try to bypass their age problem by posting older pictures of themselves. Now, if you are smart, you can tell an old picture from a new one by looking at the image quality, style of clothes and so on.

Another thing that some Chinese girls love to do is to use fake profile pictures. They will usually use pictures of Korean or Japanese models and make a fool out of you. You can greatly decrease your chances of falling into this trap by googling the image. Google has an excellent image search, which takes an image as search parameter and returns all the information it can find associated with that image. So, if you Google search the girl’s profile photo and get a bunch of results linking to Korean models and massage girl sites, you know its a scam.

Be aware of profiles with only one stunning picture and very little description. These are usually from women who can’t even write in English. They just want any foreigner… anyone. From this point on, you can assume that everything about them is fake (picture included). So how do you expect to ever have a healthy relationship with such a person?

Once you have successfully contacted the Chinese girl, you might want to confirm her identity by asking her to send you some recent pictures or even scheduling a video call. Again, online dating is not at all a bad thing when done right. Before you hit matchmaking sites, you should give penpal sites a try. These sites usually have a large amount on Chinese female members who are actually looking to contact people from other cultures and make friends. This is a perfect scenario for you to get to know great and educated Chinese women, who will genuinely be thrilled to read what you have to tell. You can exchange emails at first, get to know each other better and then move on to other things.

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