Chinese women have long been intermarrying with foreigners from other countries and races.

With emigration from China a long standing fact of life, in some cases spanning hundreds of years, plus, of course, visits by foreigners to China over the centuries, there are countless examples of Chinese women marrying foreign men and living in countries throughout the world.

So what makes Chinese women special, what makes them tick, and how should you go about finding and meeting a Chinese woman to date and maybe marry?

Research as much as you can about Chinese women

As with many Asian women, there are many stories and myths about Chinese women, mostly good, but some bad. Whilst you can’t totally ignore all the negatives, it has to be said that many of the positive things about Chinese women are certainly in the ascendency but never mentioned as they are not usually as newsworthy!

Chinese lady

Chinese lady

If you plan to date Chinese women know about cultural sensitivities

There’s a long held saying along the lines that West is West and East is East.

As you’d expect, therefore, no matter how long Chinese women live overseas or a foreign man lives in China, there are going to be cultural issues which cause misunderstandings, confusion and friction between the parties. Knowing as much as you can about such issues will certainly go a long way towards keeping the peace!

These couple of pointers are just for starters and, as you can appreciate, there’s quite a lot to learn for these serous enough about marrying a Chinese woman. To help you on your way, here are another great 20 pointers to keep the information flowing:

1.Great article to start with

Sets out the basic things to know about Chinese women and, hopefully, will get you thinking about some of the things you will be well advised to consider when looking for Chinese women:

2.A compilation of 10 great tips

It might seem like there are lists and lists but the more information you can gather and the more viewpoints you can read about, the better—and all from people who have experience with Chinese women:

3.One of the earliest ways of finding Chinese women

Whilst still prevalent to some extent, nowadays, with the advent of the internet, finding a mail order bride might have slipped down the rankings a little—yet there are still some foreign men to whom selecting a woman this way appeals:

4. Getting started on the road to finding Chinese women

Not everyone is up to speed with the best ways to look for a Chinese woman to date or marry, and it’s best to start with the basic to make sure your path is as smooth as it can be; so here’s a great introductory article:

5.Stereotypes can be misleading

Many foreign men form their impressions of Chinese women based on stereotypes or the generic versions they see portrayed in films or magazines. Yet. as we all know, with over 500 million women in China, there can’t be just one type of Chinese woman:

6.An option is to go and live in China with your Chinese woman

Nowadays many foreigners work in all sorts of industries all over China. If you have a Chinese girlfriend or wife, you might want to consider going to live in China with her, instead of staying overseas:

7. Get ahead of the competition

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of completion for beautiful Chinese women. Find out how to attract and impress a Chinese woman in the most effective way—and, of course, make sure that you don’t commit any major social blunders which might halt the relationship before it has really started…

8.Putting your plan into action

Now you have decided you want to date Chinese women, how do you go about it, and where are the best places to meet such single, available women. It’s wise try and not to leave too much to chance and use your time wisely and effectively:

9. Key differences Chinese women perceive in different men

Naturally, local Chinese men are not the same as foreigners in terms of culture and, usually, their physiques—and vice versa. But just what do Chinese women see as the key points of difference between local and overseas men and how do they react when given the option to date a foreigner?

10. Most Chinese women are romantics

It’s possible to say most women are hopeless romantics but, to many, Chinese women are very high on the list of biggest romantics going. So, it’s vital to need to know how to play this aspect of their characters to your best advantage to capture the future love of your life!

11. Chinese women always put their family first

First meetings are always important but more so when you meet the family of your Chinese woman. Good impressions are vital and it’s well worth brushing up on basic aspects of Chinese culture and keeping in mind some do’s and don’ts to ensure all goes well with your relationship:

12. Monetary gifts can tell a lot about your character

Chinese New Year, the biggest event/festival in the Chinese calendar—and possibly the first time you will be expected to meet the parents of your Chinese woman and who may or may not be your future in-laws! Take all the guidance you are given about the amount of monetary gifts to be offered…

13.Travelling abroad to live

Let’s assume you and you Chinese wife have decided to live in your home country, possibly the US. There’s lots of paperwork to assemble and sort out and a number of applications to make; but what you really want to know is: just how long will it take to get a green card?

14. Get on the right track straightaway when dating Chinese women

 Tips from those with experience in dating Chinese or other Asian women always helps, and this article offers a myriad of suggestions of what to do and what to avoid when you are looking to meet a potential future girlfriend or wife. Be sure to take on board and remember as much as you can…

15. How to know who is real and who is not

 Unfortunately where there are pretty girls and men looking for them, there will always be those who look to take advantage. Yet, if you look close enough, you’ll soon be able to spot the fakers and scammers; or maybe they are just fake profiles which have been set up to pad out a dating site’s numbers…

16.Chinese women are the subject of may myths and stories

No-one is quite sure where they all begin, but the printed media and the internet abound with stories and myths about Chinese women—some good and some bad… and some simply not true at all. Make sure you can separate fact from fiction and get the truths about Chinese women and what they are really like!

17.Major cities seem to abound with beautiful Chinese women

With a city as big as Shanghai, over 15 million people, you can be sure there are going to be pretty women everywhere. Yet, one of the biggest challenges is just how do you get to meet them and not just pass them admiring glances without ever working out the right way to start taking matters to the next stage?

18. Many Chinese women like to live in the US

If you are an American and want to take your new Chinese wife back to the States, this is something which needs quite careful planning. There will be a lot of organisation required and, naturally, lots of forms to be filled in, references provided and so on. How to cut through all of the red tape and get ahead as best you can?

19.Read up on half the population in China

It’s always good to read up on some of the more factual side of things about Chinese women and looking through some of the more detailed Wikipedia articles about such women will surely be  a great help in getting a better understanding of such females who comprise more than half of the total population in China:

20.Who doesn’t love a beautiful woman?

Chinese women, to many, rank very highly in the most beautiful women in the world categories. With their fine features and overt femininity, as well as, often, astute business minds and renowned fierce determination, Chinese women are highly sought after by foreigners as wives:

We know there’s a lot to get though and absorb but, once you have finished reading through these 20 or so helpful articles, you’ll definitely be in a better position to know all there is to know about Chinese women…!

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