To say “Chinese girls are easy” is a sweeping generalisation which, to some, may be quite offensive.

Undoubtedly, all societies across the world are more liberal than ever before. Indeed, some people say that they are far more permissive. There are those who argue that the new found instant communications via the internet, WeChat, Facebook are at fault. They cause unlimited sharing of knowledge and ideas and, hence, liberalisation.

Yet, there are two sides to every argument. And, many people forget their own youth or about the history of people in intimate relationships through the ages.

Yes, Chinese women are becoming more and more independent in mainland China, but does this mean they are easy? Let’s look at 5 of the main reasons to think otherwise:

1) Confucian society: Chinese society remains Confucian based.

This means that attitudes remain conservative about most matters, especially of a sexual nature. These values and beliefs are deeply ingrained and affect the overall moral outlook of even the younger generation.

Chinese girls2) Family factors:

With strong family ties and an overriding fear of not cause disrespect nor loss of “face” to their families, most Chinese women will avoid situations where they may attract a “promiscuous label”. Chinese girls will be taught from an early age that they need to be sure to find a good man. Reputations of both partners to a marriage still matter—especially to the families. In fact, approval or lack thereof of potential in-laws can make or break a potential marriage. A Chinese woman with a “reputation” will simply not get such approval.

3) Driven to get good education and career:

to many Chinese women in their early 20s, having a boyfriend looking for a potential husband is of secondary importance to Chinese girlsgetting on in life. This is despite an overriding fear of being left without a husband at age 27-28. Getting a good education and getting on the path to a good career is a key driving force for many modern women.

4) Most look for stability:

naturally, there will be some Chinese women who are prepared to sleep around. Yet, most are looking for longer term relationships. For a man to take care of her; to provide for her. Having multiple, short term boyfriends does not fit into the desired wish for stability.

5) Shy and conservative:

an overriding trait of many Chinese women is to be shy and retiring. A large number prefer to be doing family or female friend centric things rather than out looking for men. This ties back in to a Confucian based upbringing and the value of being virtuous.

In reality there are so many Chinese women from all sort of backgrounds, no one statement can fit all! You really need to make your own judgment based on the individual person you have come to know. Email us and let us know if you agree with the 5 reasons we have just mentioned. Or send them with your friends and associates and see about their opinions.

  • Robert

    I  would like to share my experience of dating a Chinese woman. After getting to know her first for a year; buying birthday presents etc  I asked her out on a date. We went on our first day and all was well holding hands etc. On the second date within minutes she asked me if we would be getting married or dating then getting married. If a Chinese woman has agreed to go on a first date she has already assessed you as a possible husband. In my case after the first date she had already decided that she wished to marry me. A week after the second date we met briefly for coffee and she again confirmed that she wished to marry me and asked how long there would be between dating and marriage. Anyone trying to date a Chinese woman should understand casual dating in Chinese culture does not exist. If you ask a Chinese woman out on a date in Chinese culture this means that you are considering marriage to her. It is a fundamental difference that anyone dating a Chinese woman should understand. It is unlikely that any traditional Chinese women will go on any more than a couple of dates without marriage being discussed and agreed. If you are looking for a serious relationship leading quickly to marriage nothing above will worry or concern you. If you are only seeking a short term physical relationship then Chinese women are not for you.