Perhaps as there are more Chinese girls around than from almost any other race, there are more conflicting stories, tales and myths about dating and marrying Chinese women than about most other types of inter-race relationships.

Chinese girls pose certain challenges

Deciding to find, date and marrying a woman from another culture is not always easy, especially as she may be living on the either side of the world and has been brought up with different ideals and views on family matters. Even if you are living in China, there are still obstacles to overcome and issues you really need to know about before you can move forward and find your dream Chinese girl.

Read all about and do some quality research on Chinese girls

 Prudent foreign men looking for Chinese girls read advisory articles, do their research and weigh up the pros and cons of being with a Chinese woman—as, after all, both parties want to make their liaison or relationship work for the long term—and maybe more particularly Chinese women to whom marriage is meant to be forever!

So, make sure you carefully read these great 20 articles and opinion pieces to get the necessary information for you to decide all about your own Chinese girl

1. Don’t let your relationship suffer from stress

Even the best relationships will suffer from periods of stress but, especially if you are just starting a

Chinese girls

Chinese girls

relationship with a Chinese girl, do your best to keep it smooth and avoid issues which might make cracks or major disagreements come to fore—mainly as Chinese women harbour long standing grudges and find it hard to forget and forgive:

2. Show me a woman who doesn’t like to be showered with gifts…

If you are seriously dating a Chinese girl, she’ll expect a regular supply of gifts—not necessarily overly expensive items, but suitable tokens of affection will always be appreciated. On the other hand the selection of what you do buy is also very important to avoid giving the wrong connotation:

3.Marriages are once in a lifetime events

Nowadays, in most parts of the world the cost of a marriage can be almost quite prohibitive. Marrying a Chinese girl maybe well be what you have set you heart of, but it’s wise to check all about the expenses associated with marriage well beforehand so that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises about just how many people have to attend and, of course, the cost thereof:

4.Chinese girls like to find adventure in new places

Surprising as it may seem, many of the things which foreign men may find normal and routine are often seen as exciting by Chinese girls—especially those living in overseas countries (whether this be temporarily whilst, say, at university or more permanently for a work assignment) and who have grown up in a busy Asian city:

5.Lots of Chinese girls but how do you get to meet them?

Perhaps an age old question but, in cities such as Hong Kong where there are over 3 million Chinese women, just where does a foreign man wanting to meet nice, respectable Chinese girls get to meet one? It’s not like you can just start talking to one on the street…

6. There are plenty of Chinese girls on dating sites

Yes, there are but, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing. It also makes it harder to make a good decision about the type of Chinese girl who may be right for you. Read through this piece carefully to find out how it’s best to start looking for an appropriate Chinese woman for you:

7. Chinese girlfriends can be amazing but also, sometimes, quite hard work!

Have you ever sat down and thought that, for all the good points you keep hearing about Chinese girls, there must be some downsides? If you haven’t then this article will certainly help; if you have it will also help when it comes to making a choice whether to date a Chinese girl or not! So you win either way!

8. Marriage and Chinese girls

Before you get too committed to your Chinese girl, it’s well worth taking stock of the pros and cons of a mixed race relationships and typical cultural differences and reading up as much as you can on the general attitudes of Chines girlfriends to dating and marriage; some are as you’d expect with non-Chinese women, some are quite different:

9. Keep the (genuine) compliments coming

It’s fair to say that most women enjoy and expect regular compliments. With Chinese girls, it’s important to ensure that your compliments are seen to be genuine and not just an attempt at lip service to keep her appeased—and keep you in her good books. It’s a skill well worth learning:

10. Looking after your Chinese girl

There can be a difference in views about what looking after your Chinese girl really means, when compared with, say, looking after a western woman. By and large many Chinese women can be slightly less mature than their contemporaries and also perceive that they need a greater degree of looking after! Read into this what you will…

11. An age old question which has often been over hyped by the media

Unfortunately, owing to a combination of factors, many foreigners have formed incorrect impressions and opinions about Chinese women and Asian women in general. Maybe such men have heard about mail-order brides or women who seek foreigners simply to escape from a life of poverty, but they also hear that Chinese girls are easy:

12. Just where do you find the truth about Chinese women?

The media tends to sensationalise the bad and overlook the good so it’s, perhaps, not surprising that there are so many half-truths and incorrect assertions about Chinese women being bandied around. Want to know the real truth, then do your homework:

13. Try to ensure that your Chinese girl’s affections are true

It’s undeniable that there have been, and still are, a number of Chinese or Asian women looking for a meal ticket to help them get out of their difficult lives. Many men don’t mind this too much but most foreigners are looking for true love—and it’s important to learn just how to spot the tell-tale signs if you are a romantic at heart and want a loving wife, not a de-facto live-in housekeeper:

14. Look around: sexy Chinese girls are all over the place

Many foreigners find Chinese girls very sexy—and a girl’s physical appearance tends to be the first judgment they make when looking for a Chinese girlfriend or wife. Especially in the large cities, the ratio of attractive Chinese girls is very high but the challenge is to get to know them, not just look at and admire them:

15. Hong Kong girls can be quite a puzzle; find out all the salient points about them

Definitely qualifying as Chinese women, yet Hong Kong girls are in many ways quite a different proposition from those girls from the Mainland. They’ve been brought up and educated differently for a start—yet are still Chinese at heart with many of the older traditions and values still evident:

16.Looking for a Chinese wife can be highly fraught if not planned correctly

Some foreign men go searching for Chinese girls on an ad hoc basis whilst others do their research and get a far better understanding what dating and marrying a Chinese woman is really all about. It’s also wise to take the advice of others who have trodden this pathway before so that you are aware of the pros and cons involved:

17.Easy to date and marry—or too much like hard work?

Depending on exactly where they come from, some Chinese girls are considered to be hard work—and this is perhaps more so for city girls who know they can get things more easily when there are plenty of available men chasing them. Upbringing and education also play a big part to answering the question whether Chinese girls are hard work or just being women:

18.There are two sides to every story, especially in mixed race liaisons

It’s only natural that, when two people from different races and different cultures get together, there are likely to be moments of complete misunderstanding as well as periods of extreme happiness learning about each other’s upbringings and lives before you met. Find out the truths and non-truths from a reliable source:

19.Get some other opinions about Chinese girls

The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to find a Chinese woman who meets your requirements—and then deal with the relationship that you subsequently enter into in a better way. So, find out what most people really think about Chinese girls…

20.Great dating tips for newbie foreign men looking for Chinese girls

Some foreign men think they know it all when dating women. But are they prepared enough to know all about dating Chinese women? Get the lowdown and some great tips, especially for that very important first date with your Chinese girl:

Being with Chinese girls can be fascinating and to find, date and marry one can lead to untold adventures, occasional cultural mis-steps and excitement—perhaps just some of the reasons so many foreign men end up with Chinese wives!

  • I have written and published a blog post “Chinese Leftovers” last Sunday.

    One thing I like about Chinese women is their agelessness. Most of them who are actually older than I am look younger than I do. Reality can be unbelievable.

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