So many foreign men are choosing Asian women for marriage these days.

Have you ever wondered why? Or have you contemplated looking for an Asian bride yourself?

Well, there are certain key things you really need to know if you are considering looking for an Asian woman with a view to dating or, maybe, even marriage.

Yes…, yes, we know, you’ll probably say: “Women are women, right? Understand one, understand them all!”

Now there you may be wrong!

Finding the right Asian lady is 180 degrees different than dating a woman in your home country. Do some homework to learn about the differences, both mentally and culturally. They may be subtle but, the more you know, the more chance you will have of finding the Asian woman of your dreams for marriage.

Given that there are hundreds of millions of women throughout Asia, it’s easy to over-generalise. However, there are a number of identifiable characteristics and traits which are common to Asian women:

Asian women for marriageCharm and femininity: many Asian women seem to have mastered the art of portraying themselves as coy, charismatic and feminine all at once

Overachieving: most Asian ladies will do all that it is necessary to “overachieve” for their family and loved ones. Many Asian women will multi-task, carving out a career for herself as well as raising children, getting them educated and making sure they are always well presented

Determination and commitment to make a relationship succeed: any foreign man dating an Asian woman at some point effectively joins the lady’s family—and the Asian women will be committed to making the relationship succeed for the sake of her and her family

Desire to succeed, drive and work ethic: Asian women are not afraid of hard work and have a high work ethic; much of this inbuilt and to do with the competitiveness of Asian society

Faithfulness and loyalty: an Asian woman will defend her man both emotionally and spiritually

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  • Nice post, these are the ways to impress a Chinese girl. Keep sharing 🙂