Western girls and Chinese girls may look for different things in a relationship. In China, the key words are “to take care”, “to look after”, or other equivalents. So, are you willing to look after your Chinese girl?

Every girl has a princess dream. This is especially true for the modern Chinese girls, who are most probably the only child in the family, spoiled by their loving parents who have high hopes for them. The way the parents are bringing up their kids make the kids think that if someone loves them, he should look after them and be willing to do chores for them. And for those western men who fall in love with their Chinese girl, this might be a big problem.

You may think you prefer independent and strong-minded girls and don’t want to get yourself involved with girls who are too needy and who constantly want their boyfriends to be around looking after them. Some men might even believe that if they always need to look after their girl and prevent them from doing things by themselves, it may seem that they don’t respect women’s rights or don’t trust a woman´s ability to accomplish things as well as men.

Your Chinese girlfriend, in the other hand, might see herself as an independent and strongly-minded person, capable of accomplishing anything by herself; however they love the idea of having a man who is always willing to look after them and do things for them. This shows her your love and care, and gives her a sense of security. Basically it proves to her that you are a person of responsibility. Since Chinese women are becoming more and more independent these days, if a man is not bothered to look after them and always be around, then what’s the difference between having a boyfriend and not having one? After all most Chinese girls are not looking for someone just to have some random fun, they are looking for a responsible man to share their life with.

So if you think your Chinese lady is too needy, don’t give up. Chinese girls are usually serious about relationships and she may be just testing your love to make sure that you truly love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her. Trust your Chinese girl to be a wonderfully independent and strong-minded woman, but that’s the side she will show you only if you pass her damsel-in-dismay like “please look after me” test. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds annoying.

  • It is basic and right belief in Europe that Chinese women in marriage are too :
    1. greedy
    2. bossyng
    3. not respecting their husbands
    4. materialistic
    5. spiritually underdeveloped

    We do not need to idealise Chinese culture at all !
    Chinese culture is full of wars , killing ,
    and in many cases : simply without heart !

    Namo Quan Shi Yin Pusa

    May Noble Avalokiteshvara enlighten chinese culture
    with true human values .