China is usually divided into Northern and Southern parts. Northern girls are famous for being brave and straightforward, however, Southern girls are inclined to be more gentle and considerate.

Located in the middle of China’s mainland, girls from Anhui Province have the characteristics of both Northern and Southern girls. Anhui girls have more diversity. Some are outgoing and forthright, and some are introverted and sensitive.

Despite the differences among Anhui girls, there are some general features. Anhui being a less developed province in China, it is a relatively slow-paced place to live in. Anhui girls are less competitive. Although they don’t want to be an “iron lady”, as the female entrepreneurs of neighboring provinces, they do value the idea of being independent. They don’t pay as much attention to luxurious and expensive bags or clothing as girls from the most prosperous cities.

While choosing a boyfriend or husband, a girl probably wants a man who really loves her and takes good care of her more than anything else. In addition, Anhui may have more comparatively conservative girls, they tend to be more stable after marriage since divorce is considered a very bad thing and a little shameful. It can be very difficult for some girls and their parents to trust and accept cross cultural dating or marriage.