If you are contemplating getting to know Chinese ladies with a view to dating or maybe even marriage, there are certain key things you really need to learn. Finding the right Chinese lady is by no means the same as finding and dating a woman in your home country and the more aware you become of the differences, subtle as they may be, the more chance you will have of finding the Chinese lady of your dreams. You can visit this site: www.loveasianwomen.com for more information.

Chinese ladies’ key characteristics

Chinese lady

Chinese lady

Of course, it’s hard to generalise too much about Chinese ladies, given that there are hundreds of millions of them in China and elsewhere, but certain identifiable traits seem to consistently reappear amongst Chinese women.

Some of these characteristics can be summarised as follows:

• determination to succeed, their drive and work ethic: it’s well known that, typically, Chinese women are not afraid of hard work and have a high work ethic; perhaps some of this is inbuilt and part to do with the competitiveness of Chinese society

• overachieving: generally, Chinese ladies will do all that it is necessary to overachieve, both for themselves and their family. This might the lady carving out a career for herself in her chosen profession or simply be working for her family, raising children, getting them educated and making sure they are always well presented

• determination and commitment to make a relationship succeed: partly due to her own wishes and desires, but also due to the fact that any man dating a Chinese woman at some point effectively joins the lady’s family—and the Chinese women will be committed to making the relationship succeed for the sake of her and her family

• charm and femininity: most Chinese women have an innate sense of charm and femininity—many such women seem to have mastered the art of portraying themselves as coy, sexy, charismatic and feminine all at once

• loyalty and faithfulness: a Chinese lady will, usually, be faithful to her man, defending him at all costs; both emotionally and spiritually as well as being loyal in a physical way
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  • Craig Reynolds

    WTF? Please don’t give false hope to losers! I am married to a wonderful Chinese lady from Beijing and guess what? She is only 2 years younger than me. Why? Because I’m not a freaking western pervert looking to marry a woman that looks like a child, but will behave like a mother while still keeping your bed warm.

    Yes that is cold and blunt, but I have seen first hand how many western losers that cannot find a woman to tolerate them start chasing Asian women 15 to 20 or more years their junior for a wife. Yes these are all losers. Seriously! If they are more than 30 years old and never married then something is wrong with them. If they over 40 and never married they are seriously damaged. Any man that would seek out a woman 10 years or more younger is a mentally disturbed sexual predator.

    Lastly: Any man past the age of 21 still living with his parents, but seeking a wife is a bonafide full tilt life failure and loser of the utmost extreme.

    • Michael Vogana


    • Evan

      I am happy for you that your life followed the cookie-cutter, predictable path you imagined. I went through a PhD program and did not marry my Chinese girlfriend until I was 31. I wish I would have hurried and did this 2 years faster so there wouldn’t be “something wrong” with me by your standard.

  • Robert

    I thought I would add a comment about Chinese Women. Chinese women will expect you to behave like a gentleman at all times. If you agree to meet at a certain time and you are late apologise. If something is not quite right apologise etc. However if she is late do not mention the fact. Also shopping bags etc you are expected to carry. Chinese culture has strict gender roles and you will have to follow them.